KwickScreen Pro


Portable, durable and fully enclosed, the KwickScreen Pro is our flagship product. The world’s most portable and flexible room partition, it is perfect for mobile privacy and high-traffic zones.

Contained in an anodised aluminum casing, with channels for accessory attachment. This is available is a variety of customisation options, including powder-coated colour options. Set on high-quality castors, the unit has full swivel for a high degree of maneuverability, and weighing under 30kg it can be moved anywhere with ease.

The screen has a full extension of up to three metres for the ultimate rearrangement of your space. When not in use, the screen retracted easily into its fully enclosed casing, which protects the inner panel and has a very small storage footprint.

With a double-sided inner panel, there is no limit to artwork choices. We offer a range of images, grouped into complementary pairs and themes designed to give you the best aesthetic, whatever space they are in. Bespoke advertising, branding or wayfinding signage can also be featured if you are using KwickScreens to manage crowds or section off areas. Each inner panel can easily be unzipped and changed if you want a change of scene, or require multiple panels for different scenarios.

Made from PVC and printed using UV printing, the inner panels are hard wearing and meant to withstand consistent cleaning. With one smooth surface, the panels are easily wipeable and compatible with all standard cleaning products and disinfectant wipes.

The Pro has one-touch point for use, crucial in maintaining a clean environment. All KwickScreen products are used from a single handle, this means if a daily cleaning routine involves the correct cleaning of just this small section, infection control is improved.

  • Height: 190cm / 160cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Extended Width: 300cm
  • Retracted Width: 43cm
  • Base Width: 52cm