KwickScreen Shield


Freestanding chair partitions; the solution to social distancing in waiting rooms.

The Shields transparent screen creates a Covid-secure barrier between seats, so two people can sit next to each other safely. Designed for maximum virus control

the Shield is larger at the top, protecting the patient’s head from potentially dangerous droplets in airflow. It is also easily wipeable and compatible with all standard cleaning products and disinfectant wipes.

Flexible to suit any space; the Shield can be configured to fit your needs. It is lightweight and stackable allowing for easy storage.

Designed with infection control, the Shield has a smooth surface meaning you’re able to create a Covid secure space anytime, allowing you to ensure you’re keeping your airport as safe as possible.

KwickScreens are easy to clean as the panels are easily wipeable with all standard cleaning solutions.

All KwickScreen products are compliant with all international fire safety measures.

Available as a Single or Twin screen

  • Shield height: 140cm / 4’ 5”
  • Weight: 8kg / 16lbs
  • Screen height: 87cm / 2’ 8”
  • Screen width: 58cm / 1’ 9”
  • Base width: 50cm / 1’ 6”