Leaf Lamp Metal Tree & Seamless Table


Green Furniture’s biophilic design is the modern way to bring nature into the indoor space. What if you could meet under a tree? That’s exactly the kind of environment that Green Furniture Concept is introducing.

More than just a table – it’s the Seamless Table. A modular table mounted to the trunk of the Leaf Lamp Metal Tree that creates a soothing place in a busy space. A complete environment that includes charging stations, cozy lighting and acoustic features with sound-absorbing qualities from the Leaf Lamp Metal Tree.

This complete installation serves as a space ideal for ad-hoc meetings, group study, and individual work in places like transport hubs, terminals and other waiting areas..

The Seamless Table can encircle the metal stem of the Leaf Lamp Metal tree with a 360º surface that provides enough space for four individuals.

Leaf Lamp Metal Tree Table Chargers can be placed on any seamless table module depending on the configuration. Choose between your preferred combination of outlets and/or USB. A Seamless Table Charger package contains two chargers with dual sockets and connection to other sockets in the tree.

Different shapes on table are available.

  • Straight with 1 Metal Tree: Length 5800mm, Width: 1000mm
  • Half-circle with 3 Metal Trees: Outer diameter 6271mm
  • Long wavy with 2 Metal Trees: Length 7047mm, Total Width: 1200mm
  • Short wavy with 1 Metal Tree: Length 5034mm, Total Width: 1200mm

Height from floor to table:1030mm

This product is CE-marked
Colors on lamp: Available in 80 monochromatic color tones, mix of colors is possiblie.
Untreated wooden branches: 100% certified sources
Click-together branch assembly
Wool felt leaves are Oeko-tex certified
Halogen-free cables