Lynx Class Arff 4X4


Durable & Strong

Lynx was designed to be used without compromise form the firefighting performance at midsize central airports. 4×4 and 6×6 versions can sit on chassis that are available on the market.

With its light body manufactured from aluminium, polypropylene agent tanks and the best fire extinguishing equipment make Lynx a powerful, strong, long-lasting crash tender (A Heavy, bulky and fast vehicle which is used to extinguish fires in case of an accident on airports). In order to meet the unique needs and to become ideal for daily needs outside of airport, Lynx vehicles can be ordered according to customer demands in terms of features such as chassis brand, water capacity, pump type and engine power. Ground sweeper nozzles protect the vehicle and respond to fire in case of fuel spillovers thanks to its 7 nozzles placed to every corner under the chassis.