Lynx Class Arff 6X6


Aware of its responsibility!

With its functionality, Lynx is irrevocable for airport firefighting.

Airport operations require extra specialization, knowledge and having perfect equipment for fire fighters.
Lynx is manufactured to meet every need, demand and most important requirements of firefighting crew even in most formidable conditions with its speed and functionality. Lynx is the proved and brave protector of the airports with its strong engine, KKT system, CAFS unit, hydraulic and manual saving equipment and with its practical and innovative solutions that are perfectly integrated to system.


• All Lynx class ARFFV vehicles are equipped with EFP 550 which is the VOLKAN automatic foam proportion system compatible with most of foam concentrate that are preferred by ARFF units and this foam concentrate sensitively structures foam density between 1% and 18%.

• Thanks to condition pack vehicles with Lynx class can operate under different weather conditions from temperatures less than -25°C up to +55°C.

• User friendly control and data panel within the panel is always available for offering service.

• Key point maintenances are performed more easily for reliable vehicles. Vehicles of Lynx class are equipped with ports which enable the crew to carry out maintenance applications more easily. Full access to pump room, hose reel expulsion system are only some of those.

• Mobile PLC with heavy load capacity and CAN BUS control systems offer more reliable and rationalist controls by providing less confusing cable work.

• Towers in Volkan WG series render a service as primary and secondary towers in ARFF vehicles with Lynx class.