GS range - Pneumatic Air Start Unit


The Guinault Air Start Unit requires high reliability in order to avoid AOG (Aircraft on Ground) in case of failure of an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It must be able, at any time and for any type of aircraft, to provide the necessary compressed air (42PSI of pressure) to run the turbines and perform the start-up. GUINAULT designed the safest Air Start Unit in the world using components known for their reliability, such as Deutz, Scania, and MTU engines, coupled with GHH RAND screw compressors. The use of electronic regulation allows them to operate in the best conditions and thus improve their lifespan, to limit noise at airports, and significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The GUINAULT Air Start Unit combines the following advantages:

  • Drastically reduce the risk of AOG
  • Reduce costs by covering a wide range of aircraft with just one mode
  • Fuel savings (variable engine speed operation 1300-2000 rpm) compared to conventional technologies
  • Provide very low maintenance costs (diesel engine)
  • Extend the lifespan of the product by an optimized operation (variable speed)
  • Reduce the level of noise on the tarmac (by reducing engine speed)
  • Extend the lifespan by the use of proprietary regulation technology (elimination of the risk of obsolescence of spare)
  • Easy to use: Excellent manoeuvrability due to reduced dimensions / weight and the leading front axle with ball bearing for low turning radius (= wheel base), control panel with clear indication and heavy duty switches, Full automatic starting cycle till the return to idle speed after the aircraft starting
  • Easy access for maintenance


  • MTU


  • GS180: 360 kW at 2100 rpm
  • GS280: > 500 kW at 2100 rpm
  • GS400: 783 kW at 2100 rpm


  • GS180: 180 ppm / 42Psig steady pressure
  • GS280: 280 ppm / 42Psig steady pressure
  • GS400: 400 ppm / 42Psig steady pressure


  • Type: Screw compressor, dry type
  • Cooling: Integrated oil tank and external oil cooler


  • GS180: 1 connector
  • GS280: 2 connectors
  • GS400: 3 connectors


  • GS180: 4900kg – 4730 x 1970 x 2480 (mm)
  • GS280: 5800kg – 4730 x 1970 x 2480 (mm)
  • GS400: 9800kg – 6080 x 2130 x 3100 (mm)


  • Airpac Mode: regulated pressure at 36psi for aircraft air conditioning
  • Truck mounted
  • Cold start kit at low temperatures (< – 25°C) including engine electrical preheating
  • Cold start kit at extremely low temperatures (- 40°C) to maintain and control the temperature of the whole system in order to allow the operation at – 40°C