Powered Roller Bed


Powered Roller beds are designed for moving Aircraft Pallets throughout a cargo system. With the beds being powered, this helps the operator to move the Air Craft Pallets easier and more efficiently and removing any manual handling with moving freight from Point A to B.

The rollers are driven by a geared motor allowing for powered and safe movement with no need for manual handling by personnel.

  • SEW motor gearbox (braked with manual release)
  • Bi-directional transport direction
  • 11 infills 170 mm (W) made from mild steel Durbar plate
  • 12 x 133 mm diameter 3.6 mm wall rollers
  • 4 x photo electric sensors each end
  • Galvanised and/or powder coated
  • Adjustable legs +/- 50 mm
  • Safe working load up to 6,800 kg

Operating Height:

508 mm


Narrow Edged Leading (NEL)

Operating Dimensions

  • 3,660 mm (L)
  • 2,540 mm (W)
  • Overall
  • 3,660 mm (L)
  • 2,720 mm (W)


Wide Edged Leading (WEL)

Operating Dimensions

  • 3,660 mm (L)
  • 3,464 mm (W)
  • Overall
  • 3,660 mm (L)
  • 3,644 mm (W)

If non-standard dimensions are required, please contact our sales department and one of our sales engineers will assist you.

Additional Options

  • Weighing Station complete with Load Cells and Digital Display
  • Automated-powered Lift-Up Pallet Stops
  • Protection Barrier
  • Fork Lift Truck Pockets
  • Gravity Roller Bed