Taxiway Guidance Signs


Airfield guidance signs

In an ever evolving world where electrical performance and minimum maintenance requirements are being required the ‘clearway’ brand of taxiway guidance signs has evolved, and has been expanded further with a more power efficient IR858I LED sign

This product is specifically designed to meet international standards including ICAO and TP312 requirements for Mandatory and Information manoeuvring airfield guidance sign.

Similar to its predecessor, the IR8585I is available in 7 pre-set lengths up to a maximum of 3mts, and available in two heights to meet the mandatory and information sign requirements.

Using modern electronics for the power supply to drive the LEDs, the light output can be set for a variable luminance following the input current, or be set for constant brilliancy output. LED monitoring is also available and open circuit fault indication can be provided if required.

The unit can be powered from a standard AGL series circuit of 6.6Amps, but other options are available 220/110vAC supply and 24vDC supply.

Generally, airfield signs are supplied with a single fascia, but the IR858I is also available as a double-sided sign. In both cases the front fascia can be removed from the housing without the use of tools which helps speed up any time required for any maintenance.

Airfield signs configuration tool

When managing your airfield sign requirements, there is a need to draw the sign legend which can be a challenging task. To assist in with this and help improve communications, and minimise the errors, and ensure compliance with standards a configuration tool is available on the atg airports website with will help overcome all these challenges, ensuring the smooth progress of any signs project. For link click here.

Compliance with the following standards:

  • ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1
  • FAA AC 150/5345-46*
  • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67*
  • TP312 5th Edition
  • EASA
  • Stannag 3316 (NATO) 

*electrical and mechanical requirements only