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  • Amadeus IT Group, S.A.

    Provider of Travel Software and Technology Solutions for the Global Travel Industry

    A global player in the travel industry, Amadeus is a truly multinational company employing 11,000 people, headquartered in Europe and operating in 195 countries. The company is a leader in electronic travel distribution and is …
  • PDC

    Airport Scheduling and Operational Systems – Streamline and automate your airport operations

    PDC delivers an extensive suite of airport scheduling and operational systems to assist your airport in running smoothly with the PDC AirportSuite. You get an extensive solution to manage your airport scheduling and operational systems. …
  • Airport Systems – ADB Safegate

    Automation of Airport Operational Information Systems and Baggage Management

    Airport Systems software platforms give meaning to airport data, enabling our customers to run world class operations. 75% of the people who fly every year are served by airports that rely on our software platforms. We …
  • inspireIT

    FIDS, Airport Business and Check-in Systems

    Established in 2005, inspireIT develops, sells and markets products, services and customized solutions for and to the airport industry. We are specialists in the provision of services and system solutions for airports. These include the analysis of …
  • Sittig Technologies GmbH

    Automatic Announcement Systems for Airports

    Sittig - We make your information audible – Our Passion, Your Success Many Years of Experience in Passenger Evacuation and Announcement Solutions Sittig Technologies GmbH was founded in 1987. We have continuously developed our knowledge and expertise …
  • NIKO Airport Information System - NAIS

    Total Airport System for Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers

    Niko Airport Information System is the leading Croatian provider of ICT solutions and services for Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers for more than 25 years. We enable our users to achieve their business goals and …
  • Adecs Airinfra BV

    Airport IT Solutions & Airport Consultancy Services

    We are at the forefront of the industry, combining creative solutions, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, to deliver Airport IT Solutions through Adecs AirSystems and Airport Consultancy Services through our consultancy department Adecs Airinfra Consultants. Since …
  • Azinq

    Airport IT Solutions

    We support over 60 airports globally, providing consultancy and delivering innovative software solutions. We provide consultancy and applications to evolve airport processes and services. By adopting and implementing new technologies we deliver efficient operations and a …
  • Veovo

    Predictive Collaboration Platform that enables airports to plan, predict, and perfect the airport ecosystem

     Data-driven predictive collaboration platform. Combines and connects people, systems and sensor technology to plan, predict and perfect airport operations, maximise revenue and improve passenger experience. Veovo gives airports a holistic view of their operational ecosystem to …
  • TAV Technologies

    Leading technology company that develops aviation solutions and implements IT services.

    TAV Technologies is a leading technology company that develops aviation solutions and implements IT services globally. It is a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding where the international airport operator Groupe ADP holds a 46.12% stake. TAV …


1-10 of 23 results
  • Flight management - AODB

    “Flight Management (FM)” module contains all information about airliners, airports, single service requests and other IATA standards. FM provides an overview of users of current events at the airport on a daily basis, as well as …
  • Insero AviSky

    AviSky is a real-time information platform dedicated to take digitalisation to the next level. Air traffic data is often scattered across multiple systems making data hard to access – and even harder to manage and secure. With …
  • ARINC AirPlan

    ARINC AirPlan™ – now integrated with FlightAware’s powerhouse data aggregation tools and predictive analytics – is the next-generation airport management solution from Collins Aerospace that’s transforming the way airports, airlines and ground crews carry out …
  • Airport Hive – Airport API

    A modern cloud-based API which will read fight information from an Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) and easily make this available in real time to internal and external systems. Removing the need for lengthy and …
  • Airport Hive – Radar Message Processor

    An airport receives various radar messages to update the operation with the key flight information. This module ensures the radar messages are parsed and processed correctly against the associated flight leg within Airport Hive or …
  • Airport Hive – Billing

    Fully automate the collation and processing of aeronautical revenue and commercial deals for airport customers. The solution caters for the most basic to the most complex tariff structures. This enables the airport to quickly react …
  • Airport Hive – Mobile

    Airport Hive Mobile provides real time access to your operational flight information with the full capability of editing and maintaining flight records. This delivers a mobile collaboration platform for all your airport business stakeholders. Especially useful …
  • Airport Hive – Airline Message Processor

    Flexible, scalable and secure, Airline Message Processor allows airports to integrate with airline messaging systems using Type B message formats through the use of containerised microservices and highly configurable message parsers.
  • Airport Hive – Flight Schedule Management

    Our slot management solution provides airports with the capability to respond to airline slot requests while ensuring airport capacity is fully optimised. Our Airport Hive product is fully compatible with the latest IATA SSIM Chapter …
  • Airport Hive – Flight Schedule Processor

    Modernise your flight schedule processing by fully de-coupling the intensive flight schedule processing needs from your airport operational systems. Offering support for various industry standard formats (SSIM, AIDX, Score etc.).


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