Ammeraal Beltech’s Energy Saving Concept

Company Ammeraal Beltech
Date 13.07.2017

Reliable and long lasting Energy Efficient Conveying Solutions

Ammeraal Beltech is a leading manufacturer of process and conveyor belting with a reputation for developing innovative solutions for belting applications. To ensure that belts run efficiently on conveyor systems, Ammeraal Beltech presents a series of belts that offer the potential to provide a considerable energy reduction. The belt selection is a very important factor in saving energy, but not the only one. Three main factors influence the power demands of a conveyor: motor efficiency, conveyor design and the belt selection. Ammeraal Beltech therefore developed its ‘Energy Saving Concept’.

Factors for power consumption
Optimum energy savings are achieved by minimizing unnecessary operations and by limiting friction and resistance to forward motion in the system to the greatest possible extent.

In conveyor systems, the influence of three basic factors must be considered:

  • conveyor design and component specification
  • drive sizing and mechanical efficiency
  • conveyor belt design properties and characteristics

System designs featuring the right belt, driven using an efficient drive design on a compatible conveyor frame, often achieve notable reductions in energy consumption compared to conveyors using traditional designs and component technology.

To view the Ammeraal Beltech Energy Saving Concept brochure click here.


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