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AERO Specialties provides complete aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) solutions to corporate, FBO, MRO, military, airline and general aviation customers. AERO manufactures and distributes industrial-grade, high-quality new, used and refurbished aircraft GSE. Offerings include Towbars & Heads, Oxygen & Nitrogen Systems, Lavatory & Potable Water Carts, Ground Power Units (GPU), Stairs & Stands, Tractors & Tugs, Hydraulic Service Systems, Ramp Safety Equipment and much more.

AERO has built a market reputation as the leader in supplying the highest quality and most affordable ground support equipment available. With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing ground support equipment, AERO has a loyal customer base of over 21,000 clients who rely on them to provide their aircraft equipment needs.

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Company Profile

  • Aviation Safety Equipment (ASE)

    Our ever-expanding line of Aviation Safety Equipment is a collection of products designed to make common ground support mishaps a thing of the past. From towing to lavatory servicing, ground power, cargo loading, and more – we’ve got your back on the ramp. From our towbar heads with dual shear protection to our retrofittable aircraft safety kits, we are expanding the ASE system into all aspects of our business.

    Our goal is to make our equipment the safest choice for your aircraft. Products include the SiPsHitch™ linear force monitoring system, Safe-Lav aircraft lavatory service filling system, GPU safety interlock kits, and the Aircraft Safe Docking system (designed to prevent beltloaders and other equipment from approaching the aircraft too quickly).

    SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System

    Our SiPsHitch™ linear force monitoring system alerts operators to potential overstress situations before damage can be caused to the aircraft or towing equipment. SiPsHitch™ affords never-before-seen levels of protection in towbar push-pull operations.

    The SiPsHitch™ system can be added to new or existing tugs. Add the monitoring system between your tug and hitch, and use the onboard screen to control the system and view realtime data.

    Safe-Lav Aircraft Lavatory Service Filling System

    Our patented Safe-Lav aircraft lavatory service filling system prevents costly damage caused by lavatory system overfills, protecting your aircraft in the case of broken meters or inattentive lavatory service personnel. This system is ideal for corporate aircraft.

    Already in service around the world, the Safe-Lav system is available for all new AERO Specialties lavatory service carts. It is also available as a retrofittable kit for any lav cart. It is available as a single system or dual system (dual system includes both clear and blue batch tanks).

    Ground Power Safety

    Our JetGo diesel-hybrid ground power units are available with several aircraft safety features, such as the safety cable interlock system. This system alerts the user if the GPU is moved while the cable is still in the aircraft, preventing costly aircraft damage. The JetGo’s fully automated operation services even the most finicky aircraft and offers under and over voltage protection as well as protection from hot starts.

    Aircraft Safe Docking

    The Aircraft Safe Docking system uses 3D sensing cameras to prevent equipment from approaching the aircraft too quickly. The ASE system can be implemented on passenger stairways, beltloaders, and other cargo loaders. It can also be retrofitted on existing ground support equipment. By automatically preventing damaging collisions, the ASD system makes GSE-caused fuselage damage a thing of the past!


AERO JetGo 900 28V Diesel-Hybrid Ground Power Unit

The AERO Specialties JetGo 900 is a groundbreaking development in our line of JetGo aircraft ground power units. Utilizing modern production methods and materials, we have created the most outstanding 28V GPU available. The all-new …

AERO JetGo 300 28V DC Diesel Hybrid Ground Power Unit

Powered by a 3-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine (fully Tier IV compliant, No DEF required), the JetGo 300 is designed to provide continuous power for avionics and to start the engines on all DC turbine …

AERO Series Hydraulic Power Units

Fast, simple, and efficient operating and testing of your aircraft. These units utilize state-of-the-art technology to offer more flow, more power, and less noise at a competitive price. Our engineers developed these units with valuable input …

Solid State Ground Power Solutions

As a manufacturer and exclusive provider of ground power at major air shows, AERO Specialties engineers have been uniquely placed to operate the company’s converters on all the world’s latest generation aircraft, gaining unrivaled data …

4-Bottle Tilting Oxygen/Nitrogen Service Carts

The 4-Bottle Tilting O2/N2 Service Cart is available in various configurations for O2 and N2 use, as well as a combination cart that allows for servicing of both O2 and N2 systems. With two independent …


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