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Aircraft Ground Power Cable Assemblies, Connectors, and Receptacles

Anderson Airmotive produces the most rugged, yet simple to assemble, aircraft ground power connector plugs and receptacles in the aircraft ground power industry.  We design all our connectors for the real world of ground power, proven in commercial and military use, worldwide, for over 25 years. We offer a complete line of Qualified Products List (QPL) to AS-7974D plugs, as well as over-molded AC and DC power connectors and cable assemblies.

All our connectors are made from high quality, specially formulated synthetic rubber with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Each connector has heavy silver-plated tellurium copper contacts with quad beams and engineered steel springs that assure consistent contact for thousands of cycles.  All plugs are available with sensing leads that allow power-up only when 80-90% engaged.

Anderson Airmotive is the only manufacturer with a complete line of military tested and approved Attachable® plugs, as well as molded-on AC and DC power plugs, cable assemblies, receptacles, and battery connectors.

The name Anderson is known as an innovative leader in the Ground Power industry with over 60 years of experience in product design and manufacturing.  Anderson Airmotive continues the tradition of design and manufacturing excellence by producing and offering the largest selection of qualified plugs, cable assemblies and receptacles covering all commercial and military requirements for 28VDC, 270VDC, 80VDC, 200VAC, and 400VAC.

Our family of Attachable® plugs are designed to be simple to assemble in the field, durable and cost effective with many options for safety and protection. Our family of rugged receptacles offers you a choice of male or female design. Our power cables are unequaled in the industry. Anderson Airmotive offers you a unique choice of: (1) making/repairing your own ground power cables with our family of high quality and durable Attachable® plugs, or (2) buying a wide variety of new cable assemblies with either Attachable® or over-molded plugs.


400 Hz Attachable Plugs

R91 – Attachable Power Nose (Image 1) Six-pole 400 Hz AC ionomer plastic body Attachable Power Nose Modular construction for easy replacement or worn components Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and sever wear and tear Silver-plated …

Battery Connectors

Battery Plugs (Image 1) Versatile, high performance battery plug with corkscrew connection feature that may be used for: Weatherproof battery charger and inter-component connections in electric vehicles Stand-by power connector in computer systems Ground power connector …

Cable Assemblies

270V DC Cable Assemblies (Image 1) 270V DC Cable assemblies are available with integrally over-molded connectors with a single jacket cable. Meets the specifications for the F35 ground power connectors Multiple cable lengths are available …

DC Attachable Plugs

R64 / R71 / R78 – Attachable 3-Pole Plugs (Image 1) Now available in Attachable models and the new EcoNose 28V DC 3 Pole with 2 to 3 wire configurations Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and …

Explosion Proof

C45995-1 Explosion Proof Plug w/ Aux (Image 1) Plug for fuse compartments; 150 Ampere. Plug with auxiliary contact, special flange and explosion-proof handle. Includes cable packing and internal standard pipe thread for truck applications. N …


270V DC Receptacles (Image 1) Ground power receptacles are located on the aircraft or other devices and receive the power input from a ground source to recharge and operate electrical accessories Receptacles are manufactured to …

Replacement Noses

Attachable Power Nose® Replacement Nose (Image 1) Replacement Attachable Power Nose for the modular plug to extend the life of the assembly High abrasion resistant wear nose to allow replacement of worn out components without …


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