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Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors - Protection for Vehicles, Pedestrians, Airport Facilities

High Quality Jet Blast Deflectors made in Germany

Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors provide safety for vehicles, pedestrians, airport facilities, other buildings and nearby public roads that may be subjected to jet blast from aircraft maneuvering on runways, taxiways and tarmacs.
Our jet blast deflectors – available both stationary or mobile – are bipartite, enabling an easy assembly and storage. There are several standard types available in our program, but since each airport has its unique characteristic, our jet blast deflectors can be custom designed to ensure proper height, strength and jet blast deflection in respect of every individual case.

Company Profile

  • Product history

    For nearly 75 years we are a specialist in planning, developing, assembling and maintaining steel and metal constructions.

    We started manufacturing and installing jet blast deflectors in the beginning of the 1960s. Initially these were made of expanded metal. Since 1990 we have changed our design to utilize a deflector blade setup.

    During the last two decades we have designed a new jet blast deflector system. This system is constantly being improved and modernized. Due to the high efficiency and the great cost/performance ratio most of the German airports are now using our Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors.

  • Functional principle

    Prop- and jet blast of parking or maneuvering aircrafts not only cause high velocity airflow, but might also cause foreign object damage (FOD). Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors therefore protect people, facilities and objects on or around the airport by reliably deflecting and slowing down jet blast.

    Our jet blast deflectors can withstand jet blast at speeds of up to 300 m/s and, at the same time, temperatures of up to 500 °C.

    Whether permanently installed, or designed as a mobile solution; whether made of steel, or from glass fibre reinforced plastic, the functional principle of our jet blast deflectors remains equal in all designs, to deflect jet blast in a targeted manner and thus creating protected areas.

  • Design and material

    Blast‐Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors are manufactured at our facility in Germany from structural, stainless and heat-resistant steels and, if required (to protect ILS/Localizer antennas and other NAV/COM equipment), from glass fiber reinforced plastics.

  • Corrosion protection and painting

    Our jet blast deflectors are hot-dip galvanized during the production process. The powder coating is applied directly after galvanizing. The usual need for sweeping (roughing up the surface of the steel) is thus not necessary. The duplex coating process also produces an excellent and durable color coating.

    Jet blast deflectors made of glass fibre reinforced plastics do not require any corrosion protection. The glass fibre reinforced plastics are colored during their manufacturing process.

    Important note: Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors are produced in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations, i.e. alternately colored red/white in areas where they present an obstacle on the apron.


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Blast-Ex Jet Blast Deflectors provide safety for vehicles, pedestrians, airport facilities, other buildings and nearby public roads that may be subjected to jet blast from aircraft maneuvering on runways, taxiways and tarmacs. There are several standard …

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Company News

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