Sustainable and high-quality water cooler dispensers

Blupura is an internationally leading manufacturer of 100% made in Italy sustainable and high-quality water cooler dispensers, offering exclusive and personalized solutions to our clients.

At Blupura we have always believed in the importance of sustainability. Today our water-coolers are designed using as much recyclable material as possible and are equipped with energy saving devices to reduce energy consumption. But above all we were the first manufacturer on the world market in 2008 to use the totally natural refrigerant gas R290. A choice with great foresight and quality which has given our customers the option of choosing a product with zero impact on global warming, whilst still obtaining an energy saving of around 15% and higher overall performance of the refrigerator. Thanks to the choice of natural refrigerant gases, we are the only water cooler manufacturer mentioned by Greenpeace in the latest “Cool Technology Report”.

Blupura offers a complete range of sustainable and high-quality water cooler solutions for airports including:

  • Water fountains
  • Water cooler vending machines
  • Water filling stations
  • Soft drinks dispensers

Our touch free products ensure safety and hygiene in areas with a large flow of passengers as airports and their cutting-edge design makes them suitable for any setting. In addition, Blupura products include antibacterial systems, such as UVC led OUT, that prevent bacterial proliferation by directly attacking the vital DNA of bacteria, viruses and of other micro-organisms.

Blupura was also the first company in introducing artificial intelligence in its products, to provide top level of technology and highly innovative solutions.

Thanks to Blupura water cooler dispensers, passengers in airports can enjoy high-quality cool still or sparkling water and also hot one, in a sustainable way.




Unico is a free water filling station designed for public use spaces, especially for airports. It has been projected to give to all users, water of high quality at km0 in various types: refrigerated still …


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Blujuice is the first Blupura dispenser able to dispense two types of water and three different types of soft drinks! With Blujuice, passengers in airports can easily enjoy cool still or sparkling water and also …


Bluglass is Blupura’s range of state-of the art design and technology countertop water coolers, that is perfect for airports’ lounge areas, offices, bars and restaurants. Every Bluglass model is made from sturdy stainless steel and …


Wall is the innovative wall-housed water dispenser with an exclusive design, made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium. It is the solution that guarantees elegance and functionality in all the areas of airports and where, …


Pantarei is the traditional water dispenser redesigned by Blupura with chilled and sparkling water options. Its cabinet and drainer are made of stainless steel and the front panel can be removed. This high-quality water-fountain includes internal …


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