Sustainable and high-quality water cooler dispensers

Blupura is a leading international manufacturer of 100% made in Italy, sustainable, and high-quality water cooler dispensers, offering exclusive, personalized solutions to our clients.

At Blupura, we have always prioritized sustainability. Our water coolers are now designed with maximum recyclable materials and feature energy-saving devices to minimize consumption. Moreover, we were the first in the global market in 2008 to adopt the completely natural refrigerant gasR290. This forward-thinking choice has given our customers the option to choose a product with zero global warming impact, while achieving an energy saving of around 15% and enhanced overall refrigerator performance.  This decision has granted us the privilege and pride for years of being the only water cooler manufacturer, globally, to be mentioned on the website and in the Greenpeace report “Cool Technologies: Working without HFCs”, already in 2009.

Blupura offers a complete range of sustainable and high-quality water cooler solutions for airports, including:

  • Water fountains
  • Water vending machines
  • Water filling stations
  • Soft drink dispensers

Our touch-free products ensure safety and hygiene in high-traffic areas such as airports, and their cutting-edge design is suitable for any setting. Additionally, Blupura products incorporate antibacterial systems like UVC LED OUT lamps, which combat bacterial proliferation by targeting the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms.

Blupura has also pioneered the introduction of artificial intelligence in its products, providing a top level of technology and innovative solutions.

Thanks to Blupura’s water cooler dispensers, airport passengers can enjoy high-quality, cool, still, sparkling, and hot water in a sustainable manner.



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