PCA Units - Air-Conditioning Products for Ramp

CIAT, the leading HVAC Company in Europe brings expertise to the wider range of air-conditioning products ever for the ramp. Its developments subscribe to optimising the use of energy, improving air quality and increasing the comfort for passengers before and after the boarding gate. Have our experts share with you our solutions from the terminal building towards the aircraft seat for the passengers to have the most comfortable experience.

Airports are alive with the hustle and bustle of people’s continuous movement. To achieve comfort for passengers between the terminal and the aircraft is our main objective. As leading companies in the air conditioning market, with more than 80 years experiences manufacturing air conditioning equipment and a renowned expertise in the manufacturing of PCA units, CIAT would like to present the basics for the air conditioning of grounded aircraft, and the technical issues to be considered in the design of the PCA systems.

The knowledge obtained during the past 20 years has allowed CIAT to develop the “Smart PCA”, the most intelligent PCA equipment to meet the most exigent of airport needs, focusing on reliability as our main priority. An accurate and innovative design, along with the most advanced technology allows CIAT to present the Smart PCA units to airports, covering all environmental conditions and aircraft categories. The Smart PCA units allow interfacing with currently existing systems and the control of other parameters to ensure maximum efficiency. The Smart PCA by CIAT is able to adjust its supply to the cooling capacity demanded at each moment. The smart PCA units by CIAT are the most efficient and most reliable in the market.

Company Profile

  • Versatile and Reliable PCA Range


    ATURE® Inverter units, series RADX / IADX, are autonomous air conditioning units with inverter technology for direct expansion (100% fresh air) and a horizontal compact design.

    They are used for cooling, heating and ventilation of the cabin of the aircraft parked on the apron.

    These units are comprised with state-of-the-art scroll and inverter scroll compressors to allow the supply of cooling, ventilation and heating.

    The Heating mode using renewable energy system based on reversible Heat Pump.

  • PCA ADX Unit

    ADX, Autonomous System

    The PCA ADX unit is the completely autonomous solution for airport and terminal renovation projects. A satisfactory level of comfort, a solution accessible to all for a limited investment.

    100% environmentally-friendly to conform to the most stringent standards of aircraft construction and airport sites.

    During the past 20 years, CIAT has provided more than 500 PCA ADX units to different airports around the world.

  • Air-Conditioning Products for the Ramp

    Altium®, the plug-in air conditioner

    Altium® is the ideal choice for a wide range of ambient temperatures up to 52ºC. This unit is integrated in the boarding bridges profile

    • Slim profile: Reduction of 38% in height and 52% in volume compared to other alternative solutions.
    • Outstanding features: Accessibility, improved condensates drainage and tightness
    • Works up to 52º C: Conceived to perform at the toughest conditions from scratch.


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