PCA and air conditioning energy efficient solutions manufacturer for ramp and terminal side

As leading Company in the air conditioning business, with more than 80 years’ experience manufacturing air conditioning equipment and a renowned 32 years expertise on manufacturing Ground Support Equipment such as PCA (Pre-Conditioned air) units for aircrafts on ground, CIAT is the perfect partner providing air conditioning solutions for parked aircrafts maximizing energy efficiency by the use of Inverter and Heat Pump technologies optimizing aircraft air cabin quality in order to provide a superior Passenger’s comfort experience along the boarding process from airport’s terminal building to the aircraft side.

The know how acquired over the years has enabled CIAT to develop the “Smart PCA” concept, the most versatile PCA ranges, such as ATURETM INVERTER, first Heat Pump PCA unit or ATURETM AQUAM, PCA solution for water-loop centralized systems, both meeting the most demanding needs of airports, focusing on reliability as top priority.

CIAT’s in-house design department together with the 40.000 sqm manufacturing facility located in Montilla (Spain) and the largest climatic chamber for testing PCA units in Europe are key in order to design, test and supply the mentioned above solutions as well as additional applications such as Avionics cooling with ATURETM INVERTER Fighter Jet version or VectiosTM for airports, designed to supply air conditioning to Passenger Boarding Bridges in the most demanding climatic conditions.


PCA range for water centralized systems for aircrafts on ground (without compressors)

ATURE AQUAM, ZERO-REFRIGERANT PCA range for Cooling, Heating and Ventilating aircrafts on ground or maintenance hangars, providing precise airflow and temperature fulfilling occupants’ comfort in the most efficient way.

PCA –Pre-Conditioned Air unit for fighter jet aircrafts on ground

ATURE INVERTER Fighter jet is a specifically designed PRE-CONDITIONED AIR range for Fighter jets avionics conditioning.

PCA – Point-of-Use Pre-Conditioned Air unit for aircrafts on ground

ATURE INVERTER, first HEAT PUMP PCA unit in the market, is the result of adding more than 80 years’ experience manufacturing HVAC solutions with more than 35 years of CIAT Airports department ...

Air-conditioner rooftop type specifically designed for Passenger Boarding Bridges conditioning

VECTIOS for Airports, by CIAT is the new generation of rooftop air conditioning packaged units, designed to supply the highest Quality Indoor air with Full Energy Efficiency as well as to reduce the total cost..

Company News

CIAT launches its newest range of rooftop packaged units: VectiosPower TM, the all-in-one air conditioning solution

VectiosPOWER TM is a new generation of rooftop air conditioning packaged units, designed to offer high levels of indoor air quality and full efficiency as well as reduce the total cost of ownership during its …


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