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Airport Network-Based Video Surveillance Solutions

Dallmeier is one of the world leading providers of products for airport network-based video surveillance solutions and has more than 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector.

With the multifocal sensor technology Panomera, cameras, recording servers, intelligent video analysis and software, Dallmeier offers complete systems and high quality components which can be integrated easily into third party systems thanks to open interfaces (e.g. Onvif).

Company Profile

  • Multifocal Sensor Technology Panomera®

    Most Cost-efficient Camera Solution Available

    Panomera® is an revolutionary and patented camera technology. Unlike HD and megapixel cameras, which are equipped with a single lens, the multifocal sensor technology work with several lenses, each of which has a different focal length. Thanks to this innovative sensor concept, a huge area can be surveyed from a single location and details are still clearly visible, not at close range but also at very long distances.

    This offers many advantages for the security of airports. Panomera® systems can provide a comprehensive overview of all activity around the airport and airfield, including a fully comprehensive documentation of take-offs and landings. The system provides a visual continuity for both live and retrospective analysis of any incidents or health and safety breaches of airside personnel and vehicles. Panomera® can also be used operationally for the detection of foreign objects and debris on the runway as well as assisting in the identification of problems with birds – enabling bird controllers to be directed to the right place at the right time.

    Operationally the system can assist with monitoring of aircraft movements from point of landing to parking. Panomera® opens up a wide range of analysis options, which were simply not possible with the prior technology.

    Panomera®, in conjunction with Dallmeier high-performance video management systems and video analysis tools, is the ultimate solution when it comes to airport safety and security as well as process optimisation.

  • Panomera® - Advantages That Convince

    • Unique Panomera® effect
    • Highest detail resolution even at large distances
    • Permanent recording of the entire scene
    • Real time up to 30 fps
    • Scalable resolution
    • Multi-user capability
    • Multicast enabled
    • No moving mechanical parts
    • Auto object tracking over vast distances
    • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Video Security Systems for Airports

    • Comprehensive overview of the entire airport
    • Documentation of the take-off and landing
    • Confirmation of problems, such as with birds or strong winds
    • Control of the chassis when the aircraft lands or goes to the runway
    • Control of the queue of aircrafts at the runway
    • Complete documentation and monitoring of the aircraft from landing to the park position
    • Clear documentation of accidents or damage while the aircraft is at the parking position
    • Control of cargo and goods during the loading process
    • Recognition of debris or parts on the runway or the aircraft roadways
    • Detection of fatigue cracks on the airfield
    • Control of abnormal loads on the entire airport site
    • Documentation of accidents on the airfield, such as damaged navigation lights or accidents between service vehicles
    • Control of repairs and construction works on the runway or the airport
    • Control of service performance and accurate overview of the personnel or service vehicles approaching the aircraft
    • Documentation of refueling operations, such as duration of refueling or loss of fuel at the airport


Semi-automated monitoring solution for the airport security area

Preventing terminal closures effectively: Dallmeier presents semi-automated monitoring solution for the airport security area The problem is familiar to airport operators: Unauthorised individuals enter the security area every day, for example when passengers go back to …

Company News

Dallmeier presents new video-based solution for capture of traffic violations

Permanent video observation is in place at busy traffic junctions in many towns. With the "Traffic Enforcement Module" on the Dallmeier "HEMISPHERE®" software platform, public authorities can now capture traffic incidents or offences quickly and …

Dallmeier launches the latest generation of the "Panomera® S" camera series

One system replaces up to 24 cameras and saves over 50% of operating and infrastructure costs Latest generation of the Dallmeier "Panomera® S-Series" bristles with innovations "Making things easier." – Under this maxim, the Panomera® multifocal …

Dallmeier Panomera® cameras now with remote-controlled "privacy curtain” Privacy Shield

Dallmeier electronic, one of the world's leading manufacturers of video security systems, introduces the remote-controlled "Privacy Shield" for their Panomera® cameras. With a few mouse clicks, government authorities, police forces as well as private businesses …

Logistics Summit 2020: Optimising logistics processes with video technology "Made in Germany" by Dallmeier

The German video technology pioneer Dallmeier electronic is a sponsor of the Logistics Summit 2020 (1 October 2020 at Hannover Messe) and will present an extensive portfolio of video-based solutions for users in both the …

New Dallmeier module camera: AI-based object classification even in difficult light conditions

Dallmeier electronic, one of the world's leading manufacturers of video information systems, presents its new module camera "MDF5250HD-DN". The latest model in the Dallmeier 5000 camera series has excellent low-light characteristics. This guarantees high detail …

PTZ is history: Simulator compares camera technologies

Dallmeier electronic, one of the world's leading manufacturers of video security technology, introduces an interactive simulator for comparing megapixel, PTZ and multifocal sensor technology. This enables end users, installers and those who are interested to …

Dallmeier presents success record for video security in the German "Safe City" segment

Regensburg, 29 April 2020 – The German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier is looking back on three extremely successful years in the "Safe City" market sector in Germany. To date, the inventor of the "Panomera®" multifocal …

Dallmeier introduces video-based system for "on-the-fly" volume measurement for logistics

Whether contract logistics or freight forwarding: time expenditure and accuracy have a direct influence on profitability. The measurement and re-measurement of packages is still particularly time-consuming. A new solution by video technology pioneer Dallmeier promises …

Get to know customer benefits of the multifocal sensor technology "Panomera®" in a webinar

Regensburg, 31 March 2020 – Dallmeier, one of the world's leading manufacturers of video security technology, will host a 30-minute webinar on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 at 4:30 PM CEST on the topic “multifocal sensor …

"Panomera® W" camera series wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020

The "Panomera® W" camera system from Dallmeier electronic has won this year's iF DESIGN AWARD. The Panomera® W series and the Mountera® mounting system convinced the 78 members of the independent, international jury of experts …

Dallmeier at WGPC 2020: Simple cooperation with regulation authorities and risk mitigation for casinos

Dallmeier electronic is “Exclusive Platinum Sponsor” of the WGPC 2020 (World Game Protection Conference) at the Tropicana Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) from 23 to 26 March 2020. There, the pioneer of video technology for …

Dallmeier at LogiMAT 2020: Automated volume calculation and image-supported process management for intralogistics

At LogiMAT 2020 (Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre) from 10 to 12 March 2020, Dallmeier will showcase a broad portfolio of image-based process optimisation solutions aimed specifically at customers from the intralogistics sector. One example is …

14 English Premier League clubs have decided for "Panomera®" from Dallmeier electronic

Like many national football leagues, the teams of the English Premier League also suffer from unacceptable incidents such as lighting of pyrotechnics and throwing projectiles, hate crime and vandalism. This is why as early as …

Dallmeier exhibits at GPEC 2020: Future-proof AI video analysis for police and security authorities

The automatic or semi-automatic analysis of data plays an increasingly important role in video security technology. However often underestimated is the role of the image quality for the result of the analysis. At the GPEC …

Dallmeier's new 8 MP fisheye camera combines AI-supported object classification and H.265 in a compact design

The latest model in the Dallmeier 5000 camera series offers powerful, AI-based object classification at the camera level. The MDF5450HD-DN also excels with reduced data rates thanks to H.265 at a resolution of 2880 x …

European patent for "Panomera®" multifocal sensor system from Dallmeier electronic

For a long time, the ability to monitor large expanses seamlessly and in high resolution with video technology posed a challenge for which businesses could not find an economical solution. This problem was overcome successfully …

"Making things easier." – Dallmeier launches new website

Dallmeier electronic, the German video information technology manufacturer, presents its new website, www.dallmeier.com. The website features a completely reworked content, intuitive navigation and a clear design language reflecting the new corporate design. The web presence …

Fewer Cameras for More Security: Highest Economy and Maximum Overview

Information Package for the New Camera Series "Panomera® W" from Dallmeier Dallmeier has prepared a comprehensive information package for its recently unveiled new "Panomera® W" camera series: Among other items, the package includes a new product …

New "Panomera® W" camera series from Dallmeier promises exceptional economy and functionality for capturing large areas

Real plug-and-play with innovative "Mountera®" assembly concept When capturing large spatial contexts with video technology, users still have to make many compromises. The 180- and 360-degree versions of the Panomera® W series from Dallmeier have taken …

Single Sensor Cameras with H.265 and "VCA + AI"

Data Rate Reduced by up to 50% and AI-supported Object Classification in New Dallmeier Camera Series 5000 The Dallmeier 5000 series single sensor cameras are equipped with a new encoder technology. The new versions of the …


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