Duncan Holman Services Limited (DHSL)

GSE - Ground Support Equipment Maintenance, Training and Parts Supply

DHSL GSE Services was formed in 2006 by Duncan Holman, a highly experienced and respected airport ground support equipment (GSE) professional.

Today the company has a team of field engineers, with broad expertise and experience across the full spectrum of GSE.

The team provides trusted, specialist maintenance services across the UK for OEM’s, airport ground handlers, airports and airlines.

DHSL’s head office is in Lasham, Hampshire, with a fully equipped workshop for equipment repair, refurbishment, manufacture and parts supply.

The company’s Aberdeen Airport facility houses a team of mechanics, engineers and admin personnel, delivering routine maintenance support to the airport handlers and airlines at Aberdeen Airport.

The well respected DHSL team have airside passes for a number of UK airports including Aberdeen (ABZ), London Heathrow (LHR), London Luton (LTN) and Leeds Bradford (LBA).

DHSL’s highly qualified service engineers have a wide range of experience covering all types of airport GSE and the company has airside passes for a number of UK airports. The company’s skilled engineers and mechanics can carry out refurbishments and modifications, for a wide variety of GSE equipment.

We are pleased to announce we are now official Tyco/Ansul distributors and can provide the full range of automatic fire systems for all types of GSE.

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Company Profile

  • Ground Support Equipment - GSE Maintenance and Training

    We have a fully equipped workshop based at Lasham, near Alton in Hampshire. We are able to offer our customers a variety of repairs, refurbishments, manufacture and parts supply. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of Service Engineers, throughout the UK, who visit customer sites for all types of repairs and modifications. We provide support to meet the demands of our customers worldwide.

    We can carry out a variety of GSE maintenance training at customer sites or at our Lasham location.

    DHSL’s highly qualified service engineers have a wide range of experience covering all types of airport GSE and the company has airside passes for a number of UK airports. Working around the UK, our services include:

    • Certified Fluid Calibrations
    • Certified Fire System Suppression Testing
    • Breakdown Troubleshooting
    • Servicing
    • Quality Inspections
    • Equipment Training
    • Independent Accident Reports
    • On-site Repairs and Modifications
    • Heater Cleans and Inspections
    • LOLER and Load Testing
    • Ultrasonic Pin Testing
  • Aircraft De-Icer Heaters to Customer Specification and after market Snow Blower Units

    We have specialist on-site equipment that allows us to produce the more commonly used stainless steel coiled heater units ranging from 1 Million BTU through to 4 Million BTU. We can also refurbish other manufacturers heater units.

    The Snow Blower Units are designed to be fitted to most types of aircraft de-icers. We use the well proven Vortron compressors which are manufactured in the US and are well known for their efficiency and quality. We work closely with their excellent team to maximise performance.

  • Experts in Specialist GSE Component Manufacturing

    At their dedicated, well equipped workshops, DHSL manufacture specialist GSE components and machinery, including:

    • Custom-built aircraft de-icer heaters
    • Stainless steel coiled boiler units ranging from 1 million to 4 million BTU
    • After-market snow blower units – to be added to existing de-icer units

    The company’s skilled engineers and mechanics can carry out refurbishments and modifications, for a wide variety of GSE equipment.

    DHSL’s team also develop bespoke equipment, both independently and in partnership with some of aviation’s leading names, meeting specific industry requirements and providing far-reaching mechanical GSE solutions.

  • Aviation De-icer Specialists

    DHSL supply, maintain and manufacture specialist parts for de-icer trucks and machinery across the UK.

    Aircraft de-icing not only removes snow and ice but also protects the aircraft’s critical areas, including the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizer. These areas must be free of contaminants for safe and efficient operation. A build up of ice or snow on these surfaces not only adds extra weight but most importantly, it also disrupts the flow of air. It can also disrupt the movement of the wings’ flaps and ailerons.

    De-icing is a highly methodical operation, from the wing’s leading edge to the trailing edge, beginning at the wingtip and working back toward the fuselage. The same is done to the horizontal stabilizers. The tail is de-iced front to back, starting at the top and down to the base.

    DHSL are leading UK aircraft de-icing experts.

  • Ground Support Equipment and Parts Supply

    As part of the company expansion and in addition to the services we currently provide, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to lease, hire or purchase aircraft deicers. We currently have seven vehicles available for hire.

    We can provide all GSE parts on request at competitive prices.

  • DHSL Aberdeen Workshop

    We have a workshop at Aberdeen International Airport which provides pre-planned servicing, major repair and 24/7 breakdown support to major handlers and airlines using ABZ.

    Please contact us for all your GSE needs.


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Company News

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DHSL - Lasham
Unit 5, Derby Dell Buildings, Bentworth Road, Lasham
Alton, Hants GU34 5RX
DHS - Aberdeen
MT Workshop, Ninian Road, Aberdeen Airport, Dyce.
United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)1256 381 833 (Lasham)
  • +44 (0)1224 772 937 (Aberdeen)