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Airport Terminal Signature Seating

Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public indoor areas. Configurably winding, seamless airport terminal signature seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Keflavik Airport, Rive Gauche shoppingmall (Belgium) and Calgary Airport.

‘Seamless’ means room for more people when needed and the possibility of designing grand furniture configurations in scale with large spaces. Configurations that can take any creative formation, follow the lines of the building and lead the flow of people.

‘Acoustic Lighting’ means lighting designed to provide outstanding visual and acoustic spheres. ‘Sustainable’ is our story. Natural and upcycled materials crafted in an ecologically sound way – CSR you can see, CSR that serves a function.

Company Profile

  • Nova C Series Seating

    The configurably winding Nova C allows grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The small footprint makes efficient use of the space. And the configurability also goes into colors and accessories – every project can be unique.

    The grand configurations are held in place by their own weight, with no need to bolt the sections to the floor, yet can be snapped apart for thorough cleaning or reconfiguration.

    Versions: The standard modules for Nova C Bench is either straight, 45° or 90° curved. Any curvature between the degrees of 0° to 45° can be made as a custom order. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

    Maintenance: Finished with natural hard wax oil, a sustainable choice that works similarly to shoe polish – easy to maintain always-like-new.

  • Radius Series

    The Radius Series is where we put our accessories for our benches. The dividers, planters, chargers and recycle bins are designed with the Green Furniture Concept seating series Nova C and IOU in mind, but also work very well as stand-alone products.

    Planters that fit with the seating or connect to each other to form a curved, friendly wall of plants, indoor and outdoor. Seamless and modular, and with curvature of choice just like the seating.

  • Leaf Lamp Series

    A soft and natural ambiance shaper both visually and acoustically. Foliage of wool felt that absorbs sound (A-class) and radically improves the speech perception in a room. Grand light trees in scale with grand interiors as well as pendants of ø130 cm.


Leaf Lamp Metal Tree

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Company News

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