FlightStrip Thermal Paper, Holders & Thermal Printers for Air Traffic Control & Management

HIS Hermieu International Supply is a French company specialised for more than 20 years in printing and finishing Flight Strip paper, provided in fanfold or rolls.

Offering a complete package including:

  • High quality Thermal progress strip printer Pegasus specially developed for the ATC/ATM department,
  • High quality flight strip paper
  • Reliable flightstrip holders in several sizes including desk station.

This packaging for ATC/ATM departmet is one of the strong points of the company.

HIS cooperates with the largest electronics engineers and works with dedicated software integrators, offering reliable solutions to our customers. Our products and services are appreciated by a large number of users worldwide, including civil and military aviation organisations, large international airports, as well as radar system integrators.

In ATC/ATM department, HIS Hermieu is a gauge of confidence, quality and security.

Company Profile

  • Flightstrip Paper, ATC Thermal Paper Strips Roll / Fanfold

    A flight progress strip is a small strip of paper used to track a flight in air traffic control.

    HIS is an unique company who is able to manufacture and supply you with Flight strips paper in all type and sizes.

    We have selected the best thermal paper with :

    • Image sensibility :  > 300 dpi
    • Brightness : > 85%
    • Opacity : > 97%
    • Image Durability : Min 10 years under adequate storage conditions.
    • High capacity of resistible to humidity and alcohol.
    • Sensitive to be able to keep long life of printer’s thermal head.

    Flight strips can be supplied in various types: Fanfold or Roll.

    We provide standard format 8″ (203.2 mm) x (25,4 mm) with:

    • Black mark
    • Red line end of last 3 meters
    • Specific size
    • Specific Color
    • Pre-printings
    • Pre-cutting
  • Thermal Printer Flightstrip Papers

    By presenting the Pegasus 301R/L we offer you a printer especially developed for flight strips applications in ATC and ATM department. Using this printer you can create flight strips from fanfold or roll paper.

    The Features:

    • Small and light thermal direct printer
    • Display screen friendly – easy setup
    • Mains connection with auto-switch
    • USB interface
    • Semi-automatic paper feed
    • Strip-Paper holder included for both finishing, paper fanfold or roll
    • Support of two-coloured printing


    • Fast delivery worldwide
    • Product warranty 5 years minimum, parts & after sale service
    • Competitive price for a high quality
    • Fast after sale service
    • Technical assistance & problems solved within 30 days
  • Flight Progress Strip Holders

    Flightstrip holder is a plastic injection moulded holder designed and manufactured following ATC and Air traffic controllers’ requirements.

    It strictly meets all specifications to offer comfortable use and long life.

    HIS Hermieu International Supply is able to provide you with high quality strip-holders for flight strip progress fanfold or roll paper.

    Spring loaded system or standard, in several sizes.

    This is available in any colour you may need with a competitive price.

    Please contact us for any customised requests. We take great pleasure in satisfying your needs.

  • Flight Progress Strip Holder Panel / Storage Racks

    The flightstrip holders are placed in a strip board called flight stripholder rack which is used as a representation of all flights in a particular sector of airspace in an airport. The strip board has vertical rails in Stainless steel that constrain the strips in several stacks.

    HIS is able to supply you with high quality white metal racks of several sizes and types including:

    • Racks for housing 10 stripsholders 8″ x 1″  : Width 25mm x High 2mm, Long 34mm, weight 1.65 kg.
    • Racks for housing 20 stripsholders 8″ x 1″  : Width 50mm x High 2mm, Long 34mm, weight 3.3 kg.

    Please contact us for any other customized request.


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