INTOS airport solutions

Airport Interior Solutions and Development of Innovative (Security) Products

International, innovative interior contracting

INTOS is an innovative, internationally oriented company, specialized in the total interior realisation of airports and counters. INTOS has more than 30 years of experience with interior solutions for airports and the development of innovative (security related) products for the aviation industry. The company is a real knowledge partner and  well known in the airport interior industry. From the idea until the concept, the realisation, installation and maintenance, in the whole process INTOS is a partner with a critical view. INTOS literally shapes vision, searches for the best solution and takes full responsibility in the execution of the project.

Global airport experience & expertise

INTOS has an extensive global network of specialised partners such as architects, contractors, technology experts, concept developers and designers. In cooperation with them, INTOS realised a wide range of innovations at airports worldwide.

Specialised project teams with professional knowledge

Customers can count on the professional skills of specialised project teams. With a keen eye on the requirements of a modern airport terminal, INTOS delivers high-quality innovative comprehensive solutions. INTOS supplies the complete interior of lounges & restaurants, retail areas, piers and gates. Next to this INTOS has counters for various applications, signage and security-related products in our assortment.

Choosing INTOS is opting for:

  • years of experience in airport interiors
  • solution-oriented approach
  • bespoke & innovative concepts
  • high level of quality, from engineering to finish
  • one-stop-shop approach: design, engineering, manufacturing and installation in one

Company Services

Standard and customized counters and desks

Designing, manufacturing and installing standard and customized counters and desks
INTOS has broad experience in designing, manufacturing and installing of all manner of counters and desks. In addition to supplying its own desks designs, like the DINOX counter, HYBRID counter  CURVED counter range and Oval, INTOS’ strength lies in its ability to develop customer-specific desks. INTOS takes care of the development, engineering, manufacture and installation and has extensive experience with:

  • check-in counters
  • immigration & emigration desks
  • information desks or service counters
  • gate counters
  • transfer desks
  • customs desks
  • ticket sales desks

Clear Static and Illuminated Signage and Markings

Corporately developing signage
INTOS often works closely with the airport when developing signage. Depending on the application, INTOS can manufacture different types of signage. Examples of signage developed by INTOS include:

  • single or double-sided signage
  • static or dynamic signage
  • illuminated or non-illuminated signage
  • fixed to ceiling, wall or floor

Developing Security Related Products

Combining technology and design into security
Manufacturers of security equipment often focus exclusively on the technology.Technology is an important aspect, but for airports a user-friendly design is essential. The design determines the passenger experience and optimises the security process.INTOS develops innovative security related products for specific security issues with an architect or designer.With a keen eye for design, INTOS creates solutions that, meet the expectations of the customer perfectly.

Specific Security Products

INTOS created the following security related products:

  • Space Saving search cabin

In 2010, INTOS developed the space-saving search cabin. Because search cabins are only used a couple of times a day, they are often considered a waste of space. INTOS developed a solution that offers optimum functionality and saves space.

  • Shoescanner

Together with Stage Gate 11 (SG11), a start-up in technological product development for the security industry, INTOS developed the Delta R Shoescanner. The Shoescanner is a detection unit that uses UV light for scanning passengers shoes on unsafe and undesirable substances, like explosives or narcotics. With the knowledge of the requirements from all the stakeholders, INTOS created a functional product. The resulting stand-alone column that now is the Shoescanner, is manufactured entirely in-house.

  • Security scanner housing

INTOS collaborated on the development of the housing for the security scanner. The design housing transforms the security scanner from a machine into an attractive interior component. This fits perfectly into the current aspiration for improving the passenger travel experience.

Full Interior Lounges, Restaurants and Terminals

Lounges & restaurants

Specific requirements for large flows of passengers
Every day, thousands of passengers visit the lounges and restaurants in airports. This places great demands on an airport lounges and restaurants and asks for an innovative design which is, able to withstand long-term intensive use and is easy to maintain.


Interior solutions for the complete terminal areas
In addition to solutions for specific components, INTOS is specialised in comprehensive solutions for complete terminal areas. Through many years of experience we understand the complexities the fitting of terminal interiors involve. INTOS has the expertise to create solutions for terminal areas both in front of and behind customs.



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