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We provide airports with fast and ergonomic baggage handling solutions that help reduce work related injuries and wear-and-tear complications that are common when lifting manually. Lifts All AHS, can improve your baggage handling and help create a sustainable work environment. We increase the speed of luggage handling and optimize the transit time, which also improves the customer satisfaction.

Lifts All AHS are located in Stockholm, Sweden and have been providing innovative lifting solutions since 1994. Today we offer over 4500 different lifting solutions to our customers and dealers all over the world. Thanks to our great knowledge and experience of lifting equipment we are able to develop, customize and manufacture products – all under one roof. We of course also offer installation and life-long support and service.

Lifts All AHS have worked closely with great airports to create ultimate baggage lifting solutions for the airport industry. Today we offer the smartest products on the market that make loading and unloading of baggage extremely simple. They are easy to control, versatile and prevent damage to your customer’s bags. We can customize our products to be used by all airports, big or small.

Our products are based on compressed air technology which makes them safe with little risks of malfunction. It also means they are easy to use and to maintain. The products are extremely energy-efficient, which makes it a technology worth investing in. A technology for the future.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Lifting Solutions

    Lifts All – Basic Vacuum Head

    Basic is a vacuum lift that can be used for lifting baggage quickly. You just place the vacuum head on the bag and it is automatically stuck and ready to lift. You can easily move the load up and down and it is possible to rotate the load.

    If needed, it is possible to release the load in the air. Just press the release button.

    Maximised Freedom

    A complementing hook is always enclosed, easily flipped down if needed. Basic can therefore lift 100% of the bags – soft as well as hard!

  • Airport Baggage Lifters

    The control is very instinctive and easy. The handle is specially designed to suit both left and right handed users, no matter their sizes of hands. No modifications are needed to switch from the right hand to the left hand.

    Savings in Energy Costs

    Basic is pneumatically driven and only requires a few per cent of the energy that traditional vacuum lifters need. This gives a positive effect on economy and environment, and also makes the lifter si­lent.

    Safety First

    Basic is a safe lifting tool. It never allows lifting if the vacuum level is below 40% and will not release the bag until the user pushes the release button.

  • Container Loading Systems

    CLS stands for Container Loading System. It is specially designed for loading containers with luggage.

    The lifting tool operates with a lifting table that can be moved from the lateral or quayside to the container with a handle. The operating table can be moved up and down depending on which level you need work in. It is also possible to choose CLS depending on which side you want to load from, either left or right, depending on where the laterals are located.

    The feedback from users have been very positive and they believe it is a an effective and ergonomic tool. The best thing is that it only takes 6 seconds to load one baggage to the container!

  • Container Unloading Systems

    CUS stands for Container Unloading System. It is specially designed for unloading containers with luggage.

    It also has a lifting table that can be moved from the container to the lateral or quayside with a handle and it is possible to move the table up and down depending on which level you need to work in.

    To move the baggage out of the container you fold out the extended leaning table and give the baggage a gentle push and the baggage rolls on the table to the lateral.

    It only takes 3 seconds to unload a baggage from the container!

  • ULD Baggage Loading with SPEED-Loader

    SPEED-Loader is a light, electrically driven lifting aid with excellent, intuitive maneuvering controls. The concept is much like lifting baggage with the original Container Loading System (CLS), but even better suited for loading from leaning carousels. The articulated arm combined with the telescopic module results in phenomenal reach inside the ULD, covering all corners from top to bottom.

    Baggage Lifting with Motorbike Action

    To activate the SPEED-Loader, simply put your hand on one of the two handlebars. An infrared photocell will sense your hand and the SPEED-Loader is instantly ready to react on your command. When you remove your hand, the handlebar is immediately deactivated. Both handles are identical and control the machine movements in the same way, with proportional speed, like the handle of a motorbike. You can easily shift between the handles while loading baggage into the container.

    Safe Lift and Safe Parking

    The telescopic module is attached to a carriage with a shaft, which allows the module to turn 90° in relation to the carriage. Therefore, the SPEED-Loader can be safely parked above the carousel, away from personnel, baggage and vehicles.

    • Load speed: 10 bags/minute
    • Max load: 40 kg
    • Lifting from: Carousels
    • Lifting to: Containers and trolleys
    • Power supply: Standard wall outlet or 3-phase socket
    • Power consumption:
      • <5 W during sleep mode
      • <300 W during continuous operation

    Click here to view the Lifts All AHS Ergonomics Through Innovation Brochure.

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