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Lifts All provides airports worldwide with fast and ergonomic baggage handling solutions that help reduce work-related injuries and wear-and-tear complications that are common when lifting manually. Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions (AHS), can improve your baggage handling and help create a sustainable work environment. We increase the speed of luggage handling and optimize transit time, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Ergonomic lifting aids have been one of our keystones since the very beginning, in 1994. Our baggage aids are carefully designed in close cooperation with great airports to offer the best solution possible, while keeping up the quick pace.

Today, we offer the smartest products on the market that make loading and unloading baggage extremely simple. They are easy to control, versatile and do not damage customers’ bags. We can customize our products for use in any airport, big or small.

Initially, our products were based on pneumatic technology. However, due to a high demand for machines that run on electricity, you can for example order either a compressed-air CLS or an electric CLS, depending on your preferred media.

Lifts All AHS is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has been providing innovative lifting solutions to industries since 1994. Today, we offer over 5000 different lifting solutions to our customers and dealers all over the world. Pooling together niches of expertise and experiences from the field of lifting equipment, Lifts All is now a one-stop-shop – developing, customizing and manufacturing lifting equipment all under one roof. We also offer installation and life-long support and servicing for our products.


Basic vacuum lift with hook

Basic is a smooth vacuum lift that can be used for lifting baggage quickly. It is commonly used at smaller airports were the operators lift from open trolleys to conveyor belts. It is easily integrated …

CLS Launcher

The CLS Launcher is a container loading system (CLS) with a trick up its sleeve. Just push the ergonomically placed buttons and the CLS Launcher will unload the baggage off the telescopic table for you. …

Container Loading System (CLS)

The original Container Loading System (CLS) has been developed by Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions in cooperation with experienced baggage loaders at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Powered solely by compressed air, it is a fast, ergonomic and …

Container Unloading System (CUS)

The Container Unloading System (CUS) is a development of Lifts All’s Container Loading System (CLS), optimized for unloading baggage containers. Like the CLS, it has a lifting table that can be moved with a handle …

Electric Container Loading System (e-CLS)

The “e” in e-CLS is for ‘electric’ as the new CLS is powered by electricity instead of compressed air. There has been great demand from our customers for an electrical solution, as many do not …

FlexiCrane articulated jib crane

The versatile jib crane FlexiCrane follows you wherever you go – easy, quiet and endlessly rotating! The jib crane FlexiCrane is installed with a steel pillar on the wall, floor our ceiling, depending on the layout …


SPEED-Loader is a light, electrically driven lifting aid with excellent, intuitive maneuvering controls. The concept is much like lifting baggage with Lifts All’s original Container Loading System (CLS), but even better suited for loading from …

Traverse system

Traverse system for loads up to 600 kg Our traverse system or overhead crane system is made by light aluminum and is both smooth and quiet. That is a requirement for an ergonomic working environment where …

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Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions - New CLS Launcher

 Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions - New CLS Launcher: The CLS Launcher is a unique solution that removes the heaviest part of baggage loading, reducing fatigue and risk for injuries. With a simple push of …

Lifts All News March 2021

Order to Scandinavia's largest airport We at Lifts All are increadibly proud to announce that we have recieved a prestigious order from Copenhagen airport. The order includes the new lifting tool e-CLS.


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