Voice Communication Systems

MEP has been developing and designing Voice Communication Systems for critical applications since 1989. The systems are extremely robust and designed using the most advanced components and technology.

Air Traffic controllers worldwide rely on our Voice Communication Systems.

Our organization works in full compliance with the rigorous quality criteria of the Aviation sector in the development of software (ED153), hardware and comprehensive testing of our systems. This guarantees performance of our systems in all conditions. The MEP Voice Communication System is compliant with ED137.

MEP systems are easy expandable and designed to keep the cost of ownership during the entire lifetime low.

The User Interface of the consoles can be adjusted to your needs, even if they change over time. This ensures satisfied users for many, many years.

MEP also delivers ED137 radio gateways.


Voice Communication System TCS990

The TCS990 digital switch is designed for traffic controllers who guard critical situations around the clock. The design is the result of over twenty years experience in Voice Switches. The switch supports external IP-networks, Telecom networks, …

Operator Working position console TCP995

The TCP995 is our 12.1” console in the wide range of consoles that MEP is offering (5,7 inch, 7 inch., 12,1 inch and 15inch) This modern console is ideal for panel mounted use in main …

Small desktop solution SVS995

This modern SVS995 console is ideal for desktop use in small systems that require a compact solution. It supports up to four radios, analogue, IP connected ED137 or any mix of the two. Because it can …

ED137 Gateway CRU995

De CRU995 Gateway increases the lifespan of existing products during the implementation of ED-137.The CRU995 module was designed as an efficient, less expensive remote IP/4 wire E&M interface, for a maximum of 4 transmitters, receivers …

Company News

Newcastle International Airport install MEP TCS990 Voice switch within their Air Traffic Service

"Newcastle International Airport are pleased to announce the successful installation of the MEP TCS990 Voice switch within the Air Traffic Service. Airport technical staff worked alongside Copperchase and MEP to achieve a solution that encompasses …

How do you keep good voice quality in poor network connectivity?

For air traffic controllers and pilots of aircrafts, good voice quality is crucial. EUROCAE has set the ED-138 standard for network performance to ensure quality networks. However, it is a real challenge in some areas, …

How to make optimal use of the ED-137 standard

Digital communication equipment used by air traffic controllers is subject to the ED-137 standard. The ED-137 communication protocol is a digital protocol, the standardization of which was established by EUROCAE in collaboration with industry companies. As …

Seychelles MEP VCCS main system

Seychelles, an archipelagic state located off the East Coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, currently provides air navigation service in its Flight Information Region (FIR) which covers an area of approximately 2.63 million square …


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