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Moventor Oy

Runway Friction Measurement, Runway Cleaning Systems, Runway Snow Clearing

Moventor Oy is a modern, international, strongly growing and developing manufacturing company, highly specialised in friction measurement and the airport equipment business. Our core business areas include developing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing Skiddometer BV 11 friction testing systems around the world and representing EHR- Fahrzeugtechnik Cleaning Systems in the Scandinavian region.

Moventor’s head office and factory are located in Pirkkala in Finland. Moventor is committed to providing you products and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.


  • Customer-oriented activities and availability
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • High ethical norms and responsibility

Safety Policy

Moventor takes care of occupational health and safety excellence. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee, customer and subcontractor. By applying safety features to all our products, every customer benefits from improved efficiency of their operations and increased performance of their business.

Company Profile

  • Moventor Products

    All Moventor products are designed and built for tough demands. They provide the highest quality, outstanding reliability and performance applied together with newest technology.

    Based on the highest quality, we can promise our products the lowest life cycle costs in the industry.

    The Moventor product selection consists of the following major product groups:

    Runway Friction Measurement, Runway Cleaning Systems, Runway Snow Clearing
  • The Skiddometer System

    The Skiddometer System is a method to determine the breaking action on airport runways by measuring friction coefficient of surface. It is designed as a trailer towed by any car and incorporates the benefits gained from more than forty years of experience in this field.

    Skiddometer BV11

    Skiddometer BV11, the world’s leading Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME). Skiddometer® runway friction testing systems are used today in civil and military operations with close to 400 units.

    Systems consist of the Skiddometer BV11 trailer and Touch Screen Computer for calculating, recording and printing friction data. Optionally the system can be equipped with “WMS” or “On-Board” self wetting systems for runway calibration, i.e. measuring friction in water depth of 1 mm in accordance with the standards of the ICAO and FAA.

    Skiddometer BV11 is approved and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  • Skiddometer BV11 Vehicle Integrated

    The Skiddometer BV11VI (Vehicle Integration) is the latest innovation in friction measurement. Its proven technology has been adapted to use a hydraulic lift system with the Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen computer, to provide better vehicle integration.

    This new and simple construction allows the Skiddometer unit to be installed easily on any brand of pickup truck available on the market without modifications to the vehicle itself. Friction measurement can take place during the worst possible weather conditions, and now any vehicle can be used to perform the measurement, including safe four-wheel drives designed for such conditions.

    It is equipped with Water OnBoard system. This way all needed functions are carried on always. Together with electrical water pump, all kind of measurements are simple to perform.

  • EHR Cleaning Systems

    EHR-Fahrzeugtechnik Cleaning Systems (Scandinavian representation). EHR Cleaning Systemsmeet the needs of demanding industrial applications. These advanced products are designed for use in airports, municipal engineering and road construction projects.

    Moventor also offers after sales services, training, and consultancy. All our delivery projects can be provided with different financing options: direct ownership, leasing, or rental.

    Moventor is a Scandinavian (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway) representative for high quality EHR Cleaning Systems. These advanced products are mounted either on a truck chassis or a semi-trailer.

    They are designed for use in airports, municipal engineering and road construction projects. Typical applications are street cleaning, removal of rubber on runways, absorption of airplane deicing fluid on airport apron areas, removal of markings, sucking drainages, etc.

  • Runway Cleaning Systems

    EHR Cleaning Systems are manufactured in Götzis, Austria ( All the products are built based on customer specification. The high level of customization is based on a comprehensive range of modular construction kits. This allows creating a product that fits your specific cleaning demands, still cost efficiently. Thanks to its field-proven modular design principle, EHR offers you a well-engineered customized solution.

    If you have challenging cleaning tasks and expect superior performance, the highest possible product quality, and the lowest life  cycle costs, EHR Cleaning System is the choice for you.

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