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Airport drive solutions are in constant demand to ensure air traffic runs smoothly. Some examples where drives are used is in luggage conveyor systems, passenger bridges, lifts, and walkways.

Whether for baggage handling, moving large hangar doors or perfectly positioning the passenger finger to the fuselage of an aircraft – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides the optimum drive solution for every application.

For more than 45 years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been at home in almost every branch of industry, where conveyor solutions are used for internal transport logistics. Our drive components and systems are essential wherever things need to be moved, as every movement needs a drive system which is as efficient and reliable as possible. Because of this, we offer a complete range of mechanical, electrical and electronic drive technology from a single source, from motors and gear units to central and decentralised control technology.

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Company Profile

  • Cost Reduction Using NORD Drive Solutions

    New security measures, increasing passenger numbers and current budget limitations have forced many airports to change the framework of their business.

    When new investments are made, airports have been critically addressing the short term, long term costs and benefits of the new systems.

    As a long-term partner, NORD provides more that just the delivery of components. Drive solutions are created with close cooperation with the customer, therefore unnecessary options and special features are eliminated.

    NORD drive solutions also contribute to an overall cost reduction by energy efficient operation, wear resistance and long service life.

  • Luggage Conveyor Systems

    TRIO – decentralized drive technology for luggage conveyor systems

    TRIO SK 300E is a particularly efficient and economical solution in the airline baggage handling industry. It combines a frequency inverter, motor and gearbox into one unit.

    The frequency inverter unit is mounted directly on the motor terminal box. This integrated design eliminates the need to shield motor cables and thereby guarantees the drive meets EMC guidelines. The frequency inverter has IP 66 enclosure protection and has an integrated heat sink, which handles an ambient temperature range of 10°F to 120°F. It is extremely robust and resilient and can handle a 200 percent overload capacity for 3 seconds and provides start-up torque up to 400 percent.

    The frequency inverter is further protected thermally, has an integrated electromagnetic brake chopper that makes it suitable for even the most sensitive lifting functions.

    The SK 300E resists voltage spikes and is over 97 percent efficient.

  • Use at Luggage Conveyor Belts

    At airports, belt and roll conveyors often bridge large distances between check-in and check-out, and between loading and unloading at the luggage terminals.

    This is particularly true in airports that encompass large areas. Therefore, modular machine and plant design requiring decentralized drive technology is a must.

    The SK 300E TRIO frequency inverter, mounted directly on a NORD gearmotor is a perfect solution at a very competitive cost.

    The motor-inverter concept has many device and system advantages:

    • Separate connection unit with generous connection room for mains and control lines due to two-part enclosure concept
    • Upper enclosure unit with inverter electronics designed as plug-in cover
    • Heat dissipation via the enclosure without additional cooling measures
    • Electronic rating plate in the motor:
      • Simple startup with previously stored motor data in the motor and inverter
      • Automatic storage of all settings in electronic rating plate
      • Replacement without renewed parameterisation
    • Integrated brake chopper and activation for electromagnetic brake
    • Integrated mains filter for maintenance of limit curve B
    • Optional potentiometer and three stage switch to select “off“ or “left“ or “right“ rotation, with robust design for manual operation directly at the inverter
    • Online switching between 2 parameter sets is possible
    • Simple parameterisation with PC software or ParameterBox

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