People Flow Monitoring, Crowd Density Measurement, Queue Control and Asset Utilisation Management

Outsight develops real-time 3D LiDAR preprocessing software.

Our mission is to make LiDAR-based Spatial Intelligence become plug-and-play so it can be used by application developers and integrators in any market.

In the airport context, by utilising any type of LiDAR with our pre-processing tools, airport managers are now able to attain a previously unheard of level of situational awareness.

Diverse applications such as people flow monitoring, crowd density, queue control, and asset utilisation management of wide areas (such as Airport Terminals) are now all available in one single place, a Spatial Intelligence Platform, including a dashboard that delivers meaningful customizable KPI’s.

Outsight SIP case with 3D player

Outsight SIP case with 3D player

This Platform was developed by Outsight to serve one of our major clients, one of the biggest airport groups in the world, and since then it has been serving many other clients worldwide to lead the way when it comes to the implementation of large-scale LiDAR-based solutions.

There is no perfect LiDAR for any situation: Outsight’s Platform is LiDAR-agnostic, meaning that it can process and combine data from different types of LiDARs, including Solid-State, Rotating or Dome-like ones.

Outsight’s conversion of raw LiDAR data into actionable data

Outsight’s conversion of raw LiDAR data into actionable data

Outsight has a team of experts in real-time LiDAR processing who have been pioneering 3D sensing software for more than 18 years.

This international team of scientists and engineers operates out of Paris, Sophia Antipolis, and San Francisco.

We provide 3D LiDAR processing software, called the Augmented LiDAR Software, that facilitates the development of applications for any market and any type of LiDAR, with a specific version for Airports. Dozens of customers are processing LiDAR data on a daily basis with our solutions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Augmented LiDAR Software is the industry’s first pre-processor for 3D data, which performs all of the essential features (Mapping, Localization, Object Detection and Tracking, Segmentation, and Classification) required to integrate any LiDAR into any project.

Outsight’s solution meets some important requirements that make our solution an optimal fit for any airport application involving LiDAR:

  1. As a middleware, it creates a hardware abstraction layer that converts any 3D LiDAR sensor’s input into a standard data format regardless of the proprietary LiDAR manufacturer’s input.
  2. It executes in real-time and with a light-weight processing footprint (ARM CPU) the essential 3D capabilities required in most applications: LiDAR SLAM, Object Detection & Tracking, Classification…
  3. Edge computing minimises bandwidth and latency requirements by compressing 3D raw data into a narrow-band stream of relevant data.
  4. Because no LiDAR hardware is ideal, you may need to mix a heterogeneous set of sensors. We take care of the complexity of this Fusion, so you don’t need to.
  5. As a user, you get easy-to-use standardised information in the form of an elegant dashboard instead of the complexity of dealing with enormous amounts of raw data.
  6. By working extensively with LiDARs (no 2D cameras involved), no personally identifiable information is ever captured.

In a nutshell, it has never been easier to use and integrate LiDAR applications into your airport.
For more information about us, visit our website www.outsight.ai.


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