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Automate Concessionaire Sales Data Capture for Revenue Assurance, Contract and Lease Management, Customer Engagement and Airport as a Market Place Platform

Pathfinder is the undisputed leader in retail business intelligence space. With rich expertise in retail data intelligence, we have grown into trusted partners for leading airports for whom we have successfully automated non-aviation sales reporting & performance analytics.

Automate Concessionaire Sales Data Capture
Pathfinder’s POS Patrol (concession analyzer solution) empowers airports to automate their data capture process to deliver consistent and dependable data that could be accessed through an intuitive web portal hosted on extremely secure professional hosting environment, helping them analyze and interpret data as they would want.

Improve Efficiency
Minimize time & effort that goes into gathering data manually, collect real-time sales data automatically right from concessionaire’s point of sale without the need to replace any existing infrastructure using automated Concessionaire sales reporting solution. Sales data captured without any manual intervention leaves no scope for misreporting and/or discrepancies that may arise with manual collection and reporting.

Measure Revenue share
Sales data is indispensable for any Airport that runs on revenue share model with concessions. Automated concessionaire sales data collection allows airports to compute revenue share due from concessionaires accurately on real-time without having to wait for them to submit their sales data. The computed non-aeronautical revenue share could be integrated with our contract management solution which allows automation of contracts and billing to concessionaires.


POSPatrol | Revenue Maximization & Assurance

POSPatrol - Pathfinder’s flagship solution for Airports & Shopping Centres to establish transparency with concessionaires / tenants and provide intelligence for overall operational efficiency. It helps in automatically collecting sales, item, and other demographic data …


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