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The Leading Provider in Aviation Security Training, Compliance Management, Consultancy and Quality Assurance

As the leading provider in aviation security training, compliance management, consultancy and quality assurance, our mission is to enhance the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments. Our government-standard security solutions are trusted by aviation, critical national infrastructure, event security, corporate organisations and governments globally.

We work closely, in partnership, with all our customers to ensure they receive timely, cost effective and efficient solutions to all their aviation security needs.

By choosing Redline, you will have access to industry leading expertise. We offer a range of cost effective off-the-shelf training and compliance management solutions, backed up by the strength and capability to deliver time critical bespoke solutions. We will work with you to address your needs, regardless of scale of complexity, to ensure your company is safe, up to date and compliant.

Our knowledgeable security experts provide an extensive range of training courses, ranging from immediately accessible on-line learning, though to scheduled academy instructor led face to face and virtual training. We also deliver cost effective elearning, virtual and face to face programmes and solutions specifically tailored to our client’s requirements, providing training when and where they require it to best meet their operational needs. Our courseware, elearning and quality assurance products are constantly updated in-line with regulatory requirements and the ever-changing threat to aviation.

With years of national and international experience, including the provision of training to appropriate authority aviation regulators, Redline are also well placed to provide bespoke solutions spanning security training, compliance management, consultancy and quality assurance. We are proud to be endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as one of 35 Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC) worldwide and our recognition of providing an “outstanding level of performance”.

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Company Profile

  • GSAT - General Security Awareness Training

    Redline’s General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) course is an EU and Department for Transport (DfT) requirement for anyone who needs an airport pass. We offer both a Landside and Airside version, in line with DfT regulations.

    Our GSAT course takes approximately one hour to complete, and you will be emailed your certification on successful completion of the course.

    We also provide corporate and individual accounts, with the added benefit of offering an administrator account so that customers can manage their own training requirements. Our GSAT course is the most efficient and cost effective available.

    Key features of GSAT:

    • Interactive learning content with audio narrative to help you learn
    • Self-assessment questions to help you master the content
    • Online exam with multiple-choice questions
    • Certificate is emailed immediately upon successful completion
    • Free phone and email support
    • Training valid for five years
    • Free replacement certification

    For further information or to book your GSAT Training, click here.

  • Consultancy

    Redline has worked with and supported many customers to navigate the complex rules and regulations surrounding aviation security when providing a service to airports e.g. shop fittings, construction, logistics and general airport services.

    Working in close partnership with our customers, many who supply products and services to airports, we are able to guide them through the stringent security regulations governing the supply of their products or services.

    By working closely with our customers we are able to ensure they receive the right training, and advice, to meet the Department for Transport (DfT) and the airports regulations, and, as equally important, maintain compliance with them.

    Redline are experienced in developing the mandated Aviation Security Programmes (ASPs) which are required for Known Consignors (KC), Known Suppliers (KS), Regulated Agent’s (RA), and Regulated Suppliers (RS), along with the associated mandated aviation security training.

    With extensive global experience in the field of aviation security management and consultancy, coupled with an unrivalled portfolio of operations that covers all major UK airports, UK critical national infrastructures (CNI), and many high-profile government facilities, we are uniquely placed to assist customers embed safe and compliant systems, policies and procedures.

    Our international recognition for expertise within all areas of aviation security and CNI means we are regularly asked to contribute to governmental research and initiatives.

  • X-Ray Threat Images Recognition Training (TIRT)

    Redline’s web based X-ray Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) is a fully EU and UK compliant, class leading, threat image recognition training system, used globally throughout the aviation industry.

    As a web based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Redlines TIRT can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously; learning is not restricted to specific computers. Furthermore, there is no requirement for specific hardware, removing the requirement for additional investment.

    TIRT provides learners with a progressive learning package, designed to enhance their confidence and capability in detecting prohibited items in increasingly complex packages.

    All images are 100% x-ray true, not composite, and represent the latest threats to aviation, all individually constructed by subject matter experts. Learning is further reinforced with users able to access specialist training packages to progressively improve recognition capability through a series of complexity levels. This is of particular benefit for new screeners and those requiring remedial training to improve their confidence and capability to identify prohibited items. Furthermore, images of new and evolving threats are continually added to the database to ensure our clients screeners are able to remain abreast of the latest threats to aviation.

    Learners are also able to view photographs of specific items contained within each x-ray image, developing their appreciation and recognition of typical items contained within Cabin, Hold and Cargo packages.

    Redline TIRT also supports managers to maintain oversight of the performance of their people through trend analytics and performance comparators, enabling timely interaction to ensure performance continues to improve.

  • Aviation Security Training

    Our highly experienced staff are qualified to deliver training under the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) and are certified by the UK Appropriate Authority (DfT).

    We provide an extensive range of training courses delivered face to face and virtually by our knowledgeable security experts across all areas of the aviation security industry, these include:

    • Aircrew Security Training (AST)
    • Aviation Security Managers (ASM)
    • Airport Supplies (AS)
    • In-Flight Supplies (IFS)
    • Air Cargo Security (ACS)
    • Known Consignor (KC)
    • Hold Baggage Reconciliation (HBR)
    • Aircraft Search
    • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)
    • Ground Security Operative (GSO)
    • Ground Security Supervisor (GSS)
    • Threat Assessor (TA)
    • Recognition of Firearms and Explosive Instructor (RFXI)
    • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

    With years of national and international experience, including the provision of training to appropriate authority aviation regulators, Redline are also well placed to provide bespoke training solutions. We are proud to be endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as one of 35 Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC) worldwide and our recognition of providing an “outstanding level of performance”.

    We offer a variety of digital, accredited courses as well as offering the ability to develop bespoke elearning products for our clients. Our online elearning packages provide high quality, engaging training available globally at highly competitive prices. Our digital footprint currently covers over 178 locations in over 78 countries, translated into 12 different languages.

    We offer courses on our innovative elearning platform, covering a wide range of subjects including:

    • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)
    • Air Cargo Security (ACS)
    • Dangerous Goods – non-carrier (DG)
    • In-Flight Supplies (IFS)
    • Known Consignor (KC)
    • Aircrew Security Training (AST)
    • Behaviour Detection Awareness (BDA)
    • Recognition of Firearms & Explosives Awareness (RFX)
    • Bespoke client courses


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