Redline Assured Security

Leading Provider in Aviation Security Training, Compliance Management, Consultancy and Quality Assurance

At Redline, our mission is to enhance the delivery of assured security in regulated, high-value and high-threat environments.

We deliver a wide range of aviation security solutions across the UK and internationally, including:

  • Security Training and eLearning Solutions
  • Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) 2D and 3D CT
  • Consultancy and Document Authorship
  • Audits, Inspections and Quality Assurance
  • Covert and Overt Testing
  • Security Management System (SeMS) Add-ins
  • Training Management Services

We bring together operational and instructional aviation security expertise, eLearning design and software engineering to create solutions trusted by regulatory bodies, aviation and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as the UK’s ICAO Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC), we have delivered training to delegates from over 50 countries, gaining an ‘outstanding level of performance’.

Redline, a Wheels Up Company, is part of the Air Partner Services Division. Together the Services Division provides a one-stop solution for all your aviation safety, security and crisis management requirements.

To find out more about how Redline can support you with your security needs, speak to our team of experts at or on +44 (0)1302 288360. You can also visit our website:


Aviation Security Training

Our highly trained and experienced staff deliver training under the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) and are certified by the UK Appropriate Authority (Department for Transport (DfT)). We provide an extensive range of training courses delivered …

Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) 3D & 2D

Our X-ray Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) system is both technically sophisticated and intuitive, equipping X-ray screeners with the knowledge and skills needed to use the full functionality of an X-ray effectively to detect items …

Security Management System (SeMS) Add-ins

We provide a configurable software application to support your organisation's SeMS at the task level as well as analytic, root cause and rectification stages of security management. It is a multi-faceted, enterprise-level framework with optional …

Quality Assurance

Our team of dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) operatives specialise in providing an objective evaluation of your security measures, encompassing various aspects such as personnel, technology, systems and processes. By conducting covert, overt and penetration testing, we …


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