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Stationary and Automated Border Control, Biometrics and Identity Solutions

secunet provides state-of-the-art, holistic IT security solutions for an accelerated, highly secure border control at airports.

The range of services includes high-performance and at the same time low-maintenance products, customer-specific developments and highly specialised consulting with a focus on

– the high-quality capturing and processing of biometric data and
stationary, mobile and automated border control.

As Germany’s leading cybersecurity company, secunet assures resilient digital infrastructures and the utmost protection of data, applications and digital identities in the increasingly connected world with this combination of products and consulting. With over 700 experts, secunet specialises in areas with unique security requirements, such as biometrics and border control.

For example, new regulations for travellers from third countries will apply from 2022 with the new European Entry/Exit System (EES):
At all external borders in the Schengen area, they will have to register with four fingerprints and a biometric facial image – a considerable additional effort for the border police officers on site, which will inevitably lead to significantly longer queues in front of the counters.

To prevent this, secunet provides intelligent solutions that ensure the automation and process optimisation of border control at all key points, i.e. they also cover the stationary counters. The time required for the control process remains almost identical despite biometric data capturing and more extensive checks, and airports can continue to make the entry into Europe convenient for all passengers.

Throughout Europe, airports and government authorities – including in Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Hungary, Poland and Austria – rely on border control solutions from secunet: More than 100 million times they have proven themselves in practical use.

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With secunet border gears, secunet offers a comprehensive border control portfolio. Thanks to its consistent standard conformity, airports, airport operators and border authorities are thus ideally prepared for the EES as well as for all future regulations. All components of secunet border gears show that intelligent passenger processing, high-tech design and premium border control security can go hand in hand:

Automated Border Control Gate

Every day, tens of thousands of passengers in Europe pass through one of the secunet easygates, an automated border control gate, and benefit from fast, secure and independent border crossings.

The completely revised, new generation of easygates meets the highest security standards in terms of document authentication, high-quality biometric capturing and advanced Presentation Attack Detection (PAD).

The light and glassy design not only allows monitoring from all angles, but also gives airports an overtly modern appearance.

Self-Service Kiosk

secunet easykiosk compensates for the increased control effort due to the requirements of the EU Entry/Exit System (EES) and creates additional control capacity by allowing passengers from third countries to have their fingerprints and facial image taken and their passport read out here.

easykiosk collects, processes and forwards the travellers’ data automatically and highly secure. Once a passenger arrives at the counter, the border police there have already received this information, including the biometric check and background queries – and can now complete the control process much faster will already be provided with their details including biometrics and background systems checks – allowing them to pass through much faster.

Facial Image Capture

The best possible data quality for facial image capturing at stationary border control counters, in accordance with EU Regulation 2017/2226, is provided by secunet easytower.

The automated height adjustment of the camera and additional lighting on the device ensure the recording quality of the frontal facial image according to ISO 19794-5:2011. Thus, it fulfills all EES quality requirements.

And thanks to its intuitive user guidance, it is easy to operate for travellers and border officials alike, thus saving valuable time.

Border Control Application

secunet bocoa clearly summarises the essential passport and personal check information from different sources and devices in a single on-screen display. Border control officers thus receive all important data at a glance and within a very short time. In stationary, but also in mobile controls, they can thus make a much quicker decision as to whether a passenger is authorised to cross the border.

The underlying middleware secunet biomiddle enables the linking of information from different sources and systems.

Middleware for Biometrics and eIDs

secunet biomiddle is the platform and the heart for complex border control infrastructures and is internationally recognised as the reference implementation and preferred architecture for using biometrics in the field of electronic identity documents (eIDs).

The middleware is the link between all individual components, hardware and software, and background systems. Thanks to its standard conformity, once installed infrastructures are optimally equipped for all current and also new requirements and are thus sustainably future-proof.


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secunet easykiosk compensates for the increased control effort due to the requirements of the EU Entry/Exit System (EES) and offers additional control capacity that acquires biometric data before the counter: Passengers from Third Countries, so …

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