Lifting Equipment for Ergonomic Baggage Handling

TAWI provides a range of lifting equipment for ergonomic baggage handling. Our baggage lift is the ultimate solution for baggage handling between carousels and conveyor belts. The Vacuum Lifters are powered by an electrical pump and can easily lift any sorts of luggage including suitcases, cardboard, metal boxes and backpacks. The areas where baggage transportation takes place are usually characterised by low headroom and sometimes limited working space. This isn’t a problem for TAWI lifting equipment. Our systems are easily adjustable for different working environments, and we will provide a free no obligation site visit to advise you on the best solution for you and your team.

TAWI, the ultimate lifting solutions for baggage handling – with vacuum!

Airport baggage lifting aids with TAWI

TAWI is the market leading manufacturer of lifting solutions for baggage handling with ergonomics

Formed in 1923 with its Headquarters in Sweden, TAWI has developed lifting solutions for industries with high demands on ergonomics, safety and efficiency. Over the last 70 years TAWI has supplied ergonomic, economic and easy to use solutions that overcome the challenges of manual handling across many business sectors.

For the last 10 years TAWI has been meeting the needs of the Airport Industry by supplying equipment to solve the high risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with the manual handling of baggage. Our ergonomic solutions reduce the high injury risks associated with manual handling. This means minimised strain injuries and maximised safety and staff satisfaction.

Independent ergonomic analysis shows that the load on the body is reduced by more than 80%, with maintained or higher productivity. This provides many benefits to an airport, such as dramatically reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover, staff utilisation and a happier team.

Knowledge of the aviation sector

TAWI’s experience in the airport sector means that we understand what it takes to meet the needs of all stakeholders within the airport. We develop, customise and manufacture all parts of every project, and have a friendly, on-call aftersales team who are dedicated to ensuring your processes run smoothly from the day of installation. This ensures a successful implementation with high usage levels that are maintainable.

The flexibility of the TAWI products means that we can overcome many of the physical constraints that occur in the airport baggage halls. Whether retrofitting into an existing terminal or planning a new building, we can offer solutions that will adapt to the existing or required infrastructure. With our help the baggage handler gets the best solution that is easy to work with and above all – safe to work with.

Meet customer’s needs throughout the project and beyond

  1. BEFORE – By understanding your needs, we design a solution that adapts to the challenges of your operation and infrastructure. Learning about our customers business and challenges are important for us. Therefore, our solutions are carefully developed using the latest technology, in cooperation with the industry and the end users.
  2. DURING – A happy customer is crucial to us. With more than a decade of experience in the aviation industry our dedicated team of professionals has developed a deep knowledge and understanding for the stakeholders’ needs to maximise user happiness, efficiency and safety.
  3. AFTER – Your satisfaction is our responsibility. For us a continuous high level of usage of your TAWI equipment is crucial. Completion of the TAWI install is just the beginning. Our training programs – including practical training, participation and follow up – help us achieve ambitious usage level targets. Our After Sales Team works closely with all stakeholders to assure a high operational usage level – creating end user happiness, safety and efficiency.

Smart Lifting with TAWI

Working with ease is about combining smart, flexible and innovative solutions based on customers’ needs and the infrastructure’s physical conditions. We want to assure end user happiness among all stakeholders with our baggage lifting aids for airports.

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