Smart Store and Vending solutions

VisionRi – A company under The Work Perk have been operating for 10 years in the market of sampling to offices and staff globally. We reward, inspire and deliver products that are either in the early stages of product development or market leaders with a proven track record. Conceptually delivering products to the right people at the time has proven to be a successful approach to getting new products out into the market place.

Our approach has been fresh, dynamic and forward thinking so it followed we should expand into other areas. Enter the VisionRi, The Smart Store and Vending solution, our latest offering of Smart Store, bringing technological leaps to the vending sector.

We have a team of developers that are always willing to go the extra mile and to deliver Smart Store and Vending solutions that can enhance any location whether it be through simply supplying products to the ever needy public or to providing real time information update via the HD screen we have embedded in our stores.

Vending has in the past been considered uninspiring but we at VisionRi aim to break the mould and take this overlooked sector to new heights.

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Smart Retail

All Products, Big & Small

Smart Stores can sell anything, from very small items up to large electronics and more.

Smart Payments

Go beyond coins and paper money to include cashless payments, QR-PayPal codes, NFC, bankcards and more.

Smart Shopping

Combine physical retail with an online shopping experience with the gratification of receiving the product immediately.

Remote Stock Management

Via an online portal, track stock levels and errors, while updating product pictures and pricing for individual machines, groups or across a network.

Eye-Catching Visuals

Integrated touchscreens offer detailed visual information and virtual interaction with the products.

24/7 Service

Showcase and sell a wide range of retail products 24/7/365.

Airport Smart Store Vending solutions



Our Services

Global Clients

Appropriate for all markets, VisionRi can service venues around the world.

Technical Support

Our team of technicians are available 24/7/365 to ensure that all marketing spend is fully capitalised upon without down time.

Bespoke Solutions

Custom solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. Our team will listen, adapt and provide you with your own bespoke solution.

Branding Design

Our award-winning in-house creative team will assist in the development of brand-related materials for VisionRi machines.

Design & Fitting

Our in-house study would design a look for the Viri to be in keeping with your existing aesthetics, while our fully trained installation team will take care of fitting.

Airport Smart Store Vending solutions





VisionRi is an innovative, market-leading retail partner that offers pioneering ‘SMART’ shop and ‘SMART’ vending solutions. Today’s dynamic retail landscape has generated tech-savvy consumers who expect to be serviced through clever and effective technology. VisionRi does exactly …


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