Weber Bürstensysteme GmbH

Leading Manufacturer of Technical Brush Systems for Winter Maintenance of Runways, Taxiways, Walkways, Parking Areas, Terminal Indoor Cleaning

Weber Bürstensysteme is one of the leading manufacturer for technical brush systems.

Weber and its total of more than 170 employees develop and produce high-quality brush systems as well as aluminium and steel cores that meet the most diverse requirements and correspond to OEM quality.

In the field of snow removal, airports worldwide rely on the perfectly matched components for use on runways, taxiways and aprons. Other areas of application include street sweeping, livestock care, the concrete block industry and weed removal.

Renowned machine and vehicle manufacturers have been relying on Weber systems as original equipment for years. The selection, combination and processing of all components are precisely matched for use on runways, taxiways and aprons.

Brush cassettes and wafers are available with a high quality plastic polypropylene bristle as well as steel wire (crimped and galvanized in different diameters) and mixed (Poly/wire) in one cassette brush.

  • Brush cassettes with poly bristle: For light to medium use
  • Brush cassettes with poly bristle and steel wire in one cassette: The ideal mixture for medium use
  • Brush cassettes with steel wire: for heavy snow removal and icy condition
  • Wafers with plastic / poly bristle: For light to medium use
  • Wafers with steel wire: for heavy snow removal and icy conditions, up to diameter of 46’’/1168mm.

We produce the aluminium and steel cores in various length and amounts of rails.


Cassette brushes with poly or wire bristle

The robust “work horses” have been designed for rugged conditions of airfield cleaning. The number, arrangement and cross-section of the bristles vary depending on the application and the machine type. We precisely adapt the carrier contour …

Aluminum and steel cores for cassette brushes and wafers / brush rings

As an OEM supplier to the leading machine manufacturers, we operate our own research and development department for this purpose. The robust cores are suitable for all common machine types and are available in various lengths, …

Brush rings /wafers with poly and wire bristle

Weber brush rings offer high bristle density and variable working width. Ideal sweeping efficiency and long service life for large areas are ensured by means of different shapes and bristle design. Based on WaveLine, ClassicLine, SnowPro …


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