Adaptable, comfortable and stylish public seating for airports and passenger terminals

Zoeftig is a leading provider of global seating and in-seat power for passenger terminals, gateways and concourses throughout over 250 airports across the globe. With over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of innovative seating solutions, Zoeftig provides a bespoke service, from the initial design process, right through to installation and aftersales care.

Zoeftig’s award winning and ISO accredited range of terminal seating and power solutions can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual airport, with adaptability, functionality and durability leading considerations. Not to forget the importance of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Its airport seating offering is designed with comfort in mind, with the industry leading Zenky seating solution first purchased over 25 years ago by the British Airports Authority (BAA). Zoeftig’s commitment to continued product development has led to the recent launch of new airport seating and benches designed to meet high levels of passenger footfall, without compromising on comfort or style.

The unique beam seating solutions, Contact and Contact Plus, have been constructed to support airports in capitalising on all available space. The range offers clever reconfiguration options, from back-to-back seating, rows or modules, and can constantly be changed and adapted to best utilise the terminal space. Contact Plus offers slightly larger dimension seating for additional comfort and support, designed for airport terminals and concourses where space is at a premium.

With six strategically located satellite offices across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai, Atlanta and Singapore, Zoeftig is entirely unique in its ‘local to you’ approach. Each of its design teams are experienced in creating tailored concepts that are reflective of the cultures and values of the continent the airport is located within, supported by sales support that delivers a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

It’s this commitment that sees Zoeftig’s seating solutions installed in airports across the world, from Las Vegas to Sydney, Dubai to Hong Kong. When the world’s busiest airport for international travel, Dubai International Airport, required over 7,000 terminal seating solutions for its new terminal, it chose Zoeftig’s leading Zenky seating solution.

Most recently, Zoeftig was commissioned to install 7,600 of its Zenky Plus recliner and Zenky Plus seating solutions throughout the high profile Beijing Daxing International Airport. Upholstered in six custom shades, the high quality seating solutions are installed in three zones throughout the mega airport’s iconic starfish structure, including the International Departure terminal.

As part of the construction of Hong Kong International Airport’s HK$10 billion Midfield Concourse, over 5,500 of its award-winning inFINITE seats and 1,600 power solutions were supplied. The leading in-seat power offering was a key driver behind the design and configuration of the terminal seating.

Zoeftig’s impressive range of power solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of today’s air traveller, who require convenient and accessible power units for high powered charging when in transit.

To support the client from the very beginning of the design process, its diverse portfolio of solutions for the aviation sector are supported by CAD and Revit data to streamline the initial consultation stages. A wide range of data sheets and literature also available for each individual product.

Zoeftig is committed to not only reducing its own environmental impact, but is dedicated to working closely with airports across the globe to collectively minimise its combined carbon output, such as San Diego International Airport’s Green Build programme. Zoeftig’s careful consideration of raw materials, production processes and packaging play a vital role in creating innovative seating solutions that are not only the seating of the future – they are also the seating of a sustainable future.


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Power Solutions

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