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For almost half a century Zoeftig has been at the forefront of terminal seating design, supplying many of the world’s major terminals across every continent. As the world’s only multi-national specialist airport seating manufacturer, the company has continued to grow and extend its global reach through its partnership with the Figueras International Seating Group. This has solidified Zoeftig’s place in core world markets, whilst enabling it to lay foundations in emerging ones.

Zoeftig’s HQ in the UK is a central hub for seating design and innovation, yet the company’s commitment to global expansion has resulted in the opening of satellite offices in Atlanta, USA (serving USA, Canada and the Caribbean), Dubai, UAE (serving the Middle East), Brazil (serving South America) and Singapore (serving South-East Asia). The creation of these regional hubs have allowed the company to uncover and utilise local knowledge and expertise to influence its designs.

Zoeftig’s success on the world stage has been driven by its unique approach to design and collaboration; one which places high value on forging closer links with the architects and designers on the ground, and in working with local experts.

Proof of Zoeftig’s increasing global footprint is illustrated by deals with major international carriers like United Airlines, Delta and Qantas, and in emerging markets such as South America, where it most recently supplied seating for two of Rio de Janeiro’s largest airports, ready for the FIFA World Cup in 2015 and the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

Company Profile

  • inFINITE - Modular Airport Seating System

    Zoeftig’s inFINITE range is the world’s first truly modular airport seating system, featuring a unique award-winning beamless design that provides limitless re-configurability. The seating solution takes design freedom and seating flexibility to new heights, adapting to the ever-changing needs and demands of a modern airport environment.

    Further features of the inFINITE range include:

    • Huge design flexibility, thanks to the vast range of colour options available with polyurethane
    • A wide range of stunning finishes including laminated wood and leather upholstery
    • A host of power options – crucial for today’s busy traveller
    • Unique beamless construction makes it quick to put together and remarkably easy to transform to accommodate changing requirements
    • A sleek, clean and contemporary design that is pleasing to the eye
  • Zenky - Beam Seating Range

    Zoeftig’s classic Zenky design-led beam seating is a perfect illustration of what they do best. Cutting edge design and unparalleled flexibility are combined with market leading strength, optimum comfort and unrivalled durability. Drawing upon a rich heritage of specialist expertise, the seating solution is setting new standards in versatility.

    Further features of the Zenky range include:

    • A clever beam configuration, making it ideal for spaces where there is high footfall and pedestrian traffic
    • Seating that is ergonomically sculpted to offer the very best support to the body
    • Recliner and high-back Zenky options that are well suited to meeting the needs of major stop-over terminals
    • A modular design with minimal components and subassemblies, making it quick and easy to install
    • Excellent durability thanks to rigorous strength testing.
    • The ability for almost unlimited configurations and customisation
  • Zineare - Durable Seating Systems

    Zoeftig’s Zineare range is the market’s first comfortable yet durable seating system. The range’s superior strength and durability makes it well equipped for long-term, high-volume use in both exterior and interior environments. The design allows for a range of flexible solutions and finishes including table, seat and bench options.

    Further features of the Zineare range include:

    • Extremely easy assemblage, thanks to shipping in very few component parts
    • A design of a modular nature, making it simple to service
    • Robustness and durability, making it intended for areas which see a great deal of long-term use
    • Custom configurations including tables and chairs that can be interchanged and fitted back to back or installed with or without arms
    • A range of seat backings including powder-coated, perforated mild or brushed stainless steel; and with or without plain upholstery or veneered plywood

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