Aery Prestige Automatic Hand Dryer


The AERY PRESTIGE ULTRA FAST hand dryer has a solid ABS casing, automatic start, a HEPA filter and automatic sterilisation system. With its brushless motor technology and other features, it is especially recommended for intensive use. The heating element can be deactivated to reduce power consumption.  The sound level is 65-72dB for a drying time is 7-10 seconds making it quieter than some of the market leaders.

There is a built in water recovery tray and it can also be connected to a drain, thus avoiding a big puddle of water on the ground under the hand dryer as is so often the case with similar hand dryers.

750W brushless technology motor

Antibacterial – automatic UV sterilisation (1h/24h)


Voltage: 220-240 V

Drying time: 7-10 seconds

Air output speed: 342km/h

Air temperature: 20-40ºC

Heating element: switched On/Off

Class I – IP24


HEPA filter

200ml water recovery tray and/or can be connected to a drain