Outdoor Ashtrays & Litter Bins: KOA, KOPA, ARKEA, BELLA,


KOA 10L Ashtray:  made of anti-corrosion treated steel with anti-UV powder coating, the KOA 10L ashtray is ideal for putting in designated smoking area and at airport entrances. It can be fixed to the ground (3 points) or to a wall/post (4 points).  The 10L inner bucket collects all the cigarette butts and is easy to take out and empty.  This 10L visually strong high capacity ashtray should help encourage the proper disposal of cigarette butts and reduce the scourge of cigarette butt litter.

KOPA 12L Ashtray & 60L Bin:  this high impact, low footprint Ashtray & Bin is ideal for placing near the entrance to the airport terminal.  Made with an anti-corrosion treated steel structure and anti-UV powder coated profiles, the KOPA Ashtray & Bin is practical, sturdy and good value for money.

ARKEA 40L, 60L, 100L, 2 x 60L Litter Bin:  exists with or without 3L ashtray.  There is a bag clamp to hold the bag in place, and an optional galvanised steel inner bucket.  To empty the bin there is a discrete keyless release system which make the façade tilt forward. Also available with transparent polycarbonate facades to increase visibility and security.  The different sizes within the ARKEA range are ideal for placing at the entrance to the terminal or in car parks.

BELLA 110L Litter Bin: Design laser cut side panels will make this impressive bin stand out in any location.  It also exists with a vermin proof base & polycarbonate inner panels; with or without a 3L ashtray.

Stainless steel bag clamps to keep the bag in place. Discrete keyless release system for the optional ashtray.  There is a door on one of the facades so that the bag does not have to be lifted out from the top.  The aluminium hinges are riveted onto the door; which has a discrete keyless opening mechanism. 4 point ground fixing or freestanding.  Almost 4000 units of this bin have been installed around Paris since 2019.  The BELLA Litter Bin is stylish, practical and robust.

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KOA 10L Ashtray

Capacity: 5800 cigarette butts/10L galvanised steel inner bucket

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x H970mm

Anti-corrosion treated steel + anti-UV powder coated

3 point ground fixing, 4 point wall fixing (fixings not supplied)

Triangular key to open


KOPA 12L Ashtray & 60L Bin:

Capacity: Ashtray 7200 cigarette butts/12L tray, 60L Bin

Dimensions: 480 x250 x H960mm

Anti-corrosion treated steel structure, Anti-UV powder coated aluminium panels

4 point ground fixing, or can be left freestanding

Triangular key to open ashtray and release bin

Bag clamps to keep the bag in place

Stainless steel stub out grid AISI 304 (18/10)


ARKEA 40L, 60L, 100L, 2 x 60L Litter Bin

Anti-corrosion treated steel + anti-UV powder coated

4 point ground fixing (fixings not supplied)

Exists with or without ashtray

Discrete keyless locking system to release the ashtray

Bag clamp to hold the bag in place

Optional: 40L and 60L galvanised steel inner bucket

Dimensions: (ground fixed, without ashtray)

40L:  528 x 272 x 930mm

60L: 528 x 272 x 1015mm

100L:  528 x 460 x 1015mm

2 x 60L:  528 x 440 x 1015mm


BELLA 110L Litter Bin (with optional 3L ashtray)

Capacity: 110L

Anti-corrosion treated steel + anti-UV powder coated

Twin stainless steel bag clamp

Aluminium hinges on the door

Discrete keyless locking mechanism on the door and also to release ashtray

4 point ground fixing (fixings not supplied) or freestanding

Optional: vermin-proof base and clear inner panels.

Dimensions:  404 x 400 x H835mm