CUBATRI - Modular Recycling Bins


The range of CUBATRI Recycling Bins enables you to create visually strong waste management stations throughout your facilities.

The CUBATRI recycling bins are available in a range of sizes ranging from 40L to 65L with inner buckets, or 75L to 90L with sack holder on a sliding rail. There is a standard selection of colours and waste streams, however these can be customized as per your requirements.

Made of anti-UV powder coated steel, the CUBATRI range offers you an attractive, flexible and effective modular waste streaming solution.  As recycling improves and more streams are added, you just need to add more Cubatri bins to your range.

Other functional options include: with/without a locking system on the door, wheels underneath the Cubatri to facilitate handling and manoeuvrability, transparent facades & panels for added visibility and security, bag holder or inner bucket.   The 65L rigid inner bucket has a handle and an integrated wheel on the base to facilitate handling. The door has a push pull release mechanism as standard and the waste type would typically be screen-printed on the door.

Made at our facility in France, the CUBATRI Recycling Bins can be adapted as per your requirements with short lead times.

These waste streaming stations will encourage users to dispose of their waste appropriately, thus reducing your waste disposal overheads.

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40L + semi rigid inner bucket: 380 x 380 x 760mm     16.8kg   with/without lock

65L + rigid inner bucket: 380 x 620 x760mm               26.5kg   with/without lock

75L + sack holder: 380 x 380 x 760mm                       16.8kg   with/without lock

90L + sack holder: 380 x 620 x 760mm                       26.5kg   with/without lock

Optional Extras: 4 castor (adds 60mm to the height)

                          Lock on the door

                          Galvanised steel 40L inner bucket (to replace the semi rigid)

Standard dimensions of the openings for waste are:  170x170mm, 120x120mm, Ø90mm, paper slot 300x35mm.

Anti-UV powder coated steel

With/without lock + key

Optional: wheels to facilitate handling

Push/pull mechanism on the door

Inner bucket / sack holder on sliding rail