Airplane Platform Lift


The Airplane Platform Lift has been designed to facilitate the transfer of people with reduced mobility in and out of airplanes. The lift is equipped with a foldable platform that allows the easy lifting of wheelchairs up the staircase.

As an alternative a foldable seat also permits the save transport of people having difficulties of climbing steps, with the person sitting on the platform lift.


  • Self-levelling of the platform automatically adapts to changing inclinations of the air-stairs
  • Allows airstairs use in combination with the platform lift
  • Can be used to access different door heights of various airplane types
  • Equipped with an anti-skid surface and a safety belt
  • Operable in any weather condition

PRM access to aircrafts

  • Capacity:         300 kg
  • Stair Angle:    45 degrees
  • Speed:              0.1 m/s
  • Warranty:        1 year