Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber


Super Trac is the world’s first portable stair climber with a Unique Self Levelling Operation that gives maximum dignity to the user. This piece of kit is ideal in case of a lift breakdown. The user and their chair are both transported meaning no transfer required.

Powered winch loading and unloading of wheelchairs eliminates all manual handling. The Super Trac’s unique design carries many types of wheel chairs including powered wheel chairs and a variety of manual wheel chairs from children’s, adults and sports.


  • Laser control system for stair climbing.
  • Large internal ramp for loading of large and difficult wheelchairs.
  • Can carry Bariatric people upto 230kg/36 stone.
  • Operates on indoor and outdoor stairways
  • Includes rechargeable battery and charger
  • Wide double tracks securely grip stairs
  • Large wheels allow easy travel across landings between stair flights
  • Integrated tie-down straps and seatbelt hold wheelchair securely on platform
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls

Robust commercial design

  • Capacity:            230 kg
  • Weight:               263 kg
  • Dimensions:     129 x 81.6 x 139.4 cm
  • Stair Angle:       35 degrees
  • Speed:                   6.4
  • Warranty:            2 years
  • Manufacturer:   Sunwa