S-Max Sella Powered Stair Climber


Frequently buildings have neither been designed nor built in such a way that they are accessible for handicapped people. In those cases, stairs represent a great barrier for many people and need to be overcome.

With the stair climber s-max sella you solve this problem effortlessly and elegantly. This device makes you mobile everywhere and at all times. This stair climber is applicable on virtually all types of stairs, inside as well as outside. It is particularly manoeuvrable and comfortable since the seat is already integrated in the s-max. For transportation you can fold up or disassemble the s-max sella easily.


  • Great for narrow staircases where other stair climbers cannot fit ie aisle on a plane
  • Works on all types of stairs
  • Foldable seat for easy transportation
  • Capacity:        135 kg
  • Weight:           33.5 kg
  • Speed:             5 – 20 steps per minute (adjustable)
  • Batteries:       2 x 12 V / 3,3 Ah