With technology evolving as quickly as passenger traffic, airports and airlines must decide how best to deploy passenger solutions to meet fluctuating demand. Collins Aerospace’s ARINC cMUSE™ is a next-generation common use passenger processing system that can be deployed onsite or in the cloud, offering the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency that aviation now needs.

Decades of common use experience has made ARINC cMUSE™ the most reliable and secure solution available. And now, with the power of Amazon Web Services, it is also the most advanced solution.

Whether deployed locally or in the cloud, cMUSE™ supports airport and airline common-use applications that handle everything from passenger check-in and bag drop to security and boarding, providing a single platform that meets both airline and airport operational needs.

Airlines can share check-in and boarding gate resources and costs, seamlessly scaling up and down with passenger demand, while airports can better utilize resources and valuable terminal space.

ARINC cMUSE™ can be deployed locally or in the cloud, using the same platform for both. Not only does this provide a clear migration path for any future move to the cloud, but it also allows for hybrid deployments, whereby a network of airports may choose to adopt different deployment models at different sites. Or to supplement an on-premise solution with a mobile cloud-based client.

  • CUPPS compliance to meet industry standards
  • Deploy onsite, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, to align with your technology roadmap
  • Quickly deploy additional workstations in minutes for operational flexibility
  • Simplified software and application updates to stay up-to-date
  • Sandbox environment for application testing
  • Existing integrations to airline systems for quick deployment
  • Payment capabilities for capturing ancillary revenues
  • Reporting tools for greater operational decision making
  • Managed services & support for peace of mind and smooth operations
  • Wide portfolio of solutions for complete end-to-end passenger journey