ARINC SelfPass™


As the aviation industry recovers and airports face the challenges of more and more traffic, the passenger’s expectation for a seamless journey through the terminal is only increasing. Collins Aerospace delivers the next-generation solutions that are making it happen.

Collins Aerospace’s ARINC SelfPass™ is a biometric identity management solution for airports and airlines. A self-service solution, it allows passengers to pass through an airport using just a scan of their face, negating the need for multiple document checks.

Just one component of Collins’ end-to-end passenger solutions, SelfPass™ reduces queues at multiple airport touchpoints and increases capacity, without costly terminal expansions. Agents can be redeployed to other tasks, and the scope for human error in identity checks is eradicated, heightening aviation security.

The airport journey becomes faster, safer, and easier.

ARINC SelfPass™ is designed to support the U.S. CBP mandate to expedite entry-exit tracking at both automated and manned boarding gates. Passengers simply approach the gate where their facial image is captured, and the required checks and matching are completed in seconds.

  • Biometrically enable any airport touchpoint – such as kiosks, bag drops, and gates
  • Intuitive self-service reduces head count and operating costs
  • Integrated with multiple airline systems for common-use deployment
  • Improve on-time departure with faster boarding
  • Improve passenger experience and increase dwell time
  • Less face-to-face interactions for passengers and staff
  • Integrate to either public or private backend databases
  • Reporting tools for operational decision making
  • Managed services & support for peace of mind and smooth operations