ATIS and D-ATIS - Automatic Terminal Information Service


The Copperchase ATIS is an aeronautical flight information service that automatically merges the current MET and ATC information on an airfield and converts it to voice using either pre-recorded phrases or voice synthesis. This audio signal is then made available for distribution via radio transmitter (or any other audio device) and optionally over PSTN. Aircrews can tune into the correct radio frequency to hear the ATIS transmission, thus reducing controller–pilot radio chatter on initial contact. The textual version of this ATIS broadcast may also be distributed on the AFTN network.

The ATIS broadcast message is made up of weather information, runway serviceability and any other information considered necessary to maintain a safe ATC environment at an airport. The content of the message is updated every half-hour, and new messages are typically made available at 20 minutes past and 50 minutes past the hour (these intervals are configurable).