Bucher XPowa aero – Stand Cleaning


This stand cleaner vehicle from Bucher Municipal is offered in a number of configurations to suit all sizes of airports. The primary function of these machines is the cleaning of spills, also oil and grease from aircraft parking stands.

This machine can also be used for other cleaning and sweeping applications for example glycol recovery and even snow clearance in the wintertime with the front roller brush. This allows a year-round use making it much more cost effective.

Basic configuration:

  • 9 m³ hopper in stainless steel
  • Water capacity, 2900 litres
  • Detergent tank, 200-400 litres
  • High-pressure pump, 200 bar @ 100 litres
  • Full width suction nozzles
  • Wide sweep brush for sweeping or scrubbing
  • Channel brushes (left/right) for sweeping or scrubbing
  • Multiple spray bars for detergent dispersal and application of high-pressure water

Optional equipment:

  • 9, 12 or 14 m³ hoppers
  • Additional water tanks
  • 3rd brush
  • Side blast nozzles
  • Rotor cleaner
  • High-pressure systems
  • Magnetic bar (front or rear-mounted)
  • Front roller brush and snow plough

More options are also available.