Phoenix Electra


Phoenix Electra is the first professional spreader 100% electric and represents our commitment to a sustainable future. The result is revolutionary equipment able to comply with the strictest market requirements, with no compromises on performances, and to raise the standard to a higher level. Electra incorporates all the characteristics a winter maintenance spreader require such as consistency and precision regardless of salt quality, salt storage method or environment temperature.

What benefits do Phoenix Electra offer on the economic side?

  • 100% reduction of truck installation costs; it is possible to rent a standard truck with any special requirement, having the adequate pay-load and just for the necessary time, avoiding the costs related to a dedicated vehicle for winter maintenance service.
  • 100% Continuous operation thanks to the fast and partial charge during the salt refilling stops allowing endless autonomy; no additional waste of time is required, guaranteeing the necessary working period, even in the most serious snow falls.
  • 50% Lower maintenance costs removing hydraulic components such as filters, pipes, valves and oil; hydraulic elements are replaced with maintenance free electrical components, without early disposal.
  • 100% Lower risks of oil leaking spills on the road;
  • The battery is able to work 9,000 hours with 80% performance
  • The lifetime of the battery count about 2.000 complete charging cycles
  • Electra has unlimited autonomy with micro charge of 10/15 min
  • Brushless specific electric motor has 100% maintenance free
  • This motor is manufactured from our specification, to ensure the same performances as hydraulic units.
  • The power system is IP6k9k rating certified
  • Emission free, Electra is Eco-friendly and highly efficient
  • Among the advantages for the user we can find: nonstop spreading, easy maintenance, easy tracking, independent from truck and equal components to conventional spreaders