Snow cutter blowers


High performance snow cutter blower suitable for clearing high quantity of snow.

The 2 stage clearing system ensure proper performance with any kind of snow as frozen, wet, soft and powdery.

The first stage consists of 2 cutting drum held by a single central support. Thanks to this solution, without lateral supports, the TF snow cutter blower can penetrate deep layer of snow easily.

The second stage is a specially designed ejection blower which throws out the snow. The specific ratio between front drum and the ejection blower ensure long throwing distances and low block possibility regardless of the type of snow.

All the cutter blower can be powered from vehicle hydraulic system or mechanically via PTO cardan shaft.

The mechanical drive of TF75 and TF90 series can be powered by Unimogs front PTO and standard tractor rear or front PTO.

The mechanical drive of TF110 series can be used with standard tractor rear or front PTO.

All the functions are hydraulically operated for maximum efficiency while working and a complete range of optional can add new feature or improve operational capability according to field requirements.

  • Suitable for throwing snow away or load it onto vehicle tipper
  • Available with both mechanically or hydraulic drive
  • Two-stage high performance system
  • Protection system for drum, blower and ejection chute rotation
  • Lateral tilting
  • Complete with or without lifting thrust frame
  • Up to 40 m of throwing distance
  • Clearing width from 2600 mm to 2800 mm
  • Weight from 1540 kg to 2850 kg
  • CoG from 620 mm to 930 mm