Fully Automated PA System


There are numerous ways an automated PA system can be an invaluable tool when it comes to the ‘new normal’ and complying with Social distancing guidelines throughout the Airport, for the safety of staff and customers alike.

Phonetica’s offerings can make a huge difference now and moving forward, from removal of Microphones (Cross-contamination between staff), maintaining distancing at key points throughout the Airport.

The system can have features included as required, from the Main Phonetica automated PA, PA Anywhere, Phonetica GO, Talking Gate, Eagle eye and more. A complete solution, bespoke to meet individual requirements.

Fully automated messaging. Announcements can be made in over 64 Languages and 249+ voices. Messages are created via staff members using pc’s, mobile or tablet devices.
Free Text, Library and voice announcements can be made quickly and broadcast in any required area.

Announcements can be scheduled for delayed and repeat broadcast i.e. Health and Safety social distancing messages/wear PPE equipment can be scheduled to repeat throughout, reminding staff and customers of covid-19 regulations.

Lockdown – Reduce non-essential announcements throughout the store/warehouse. Ensure only messages with essential information reach your customers and staff.

Phonetica’s Automated Public Announcement  solution offers the following main features: 

  • Full Automation flexibility dependant on requirement
  • Integration to all 3rd party systems and applications
  • Multi-lingual Free Text and Template Library messaging – Over 64 Languages and 249 dialects/genders
  • Mobile message creation – PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet (Android & iOS)
  • Comprehensive Message History
  • Complete Scheduling/Repeat capabilities
  • Lockdown – Block calls to zones in lockdown mode
  • Template messages simple creation for Clients, no external aid required.
  • Sophisticated but Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Bespoke 3D topographic zone selection
  • User role specific available content
  • Client creation of Voice recorded messages also stored in Template library
  • Patented Priority Message queuing
  • All Hardware designed and developed in house.
  • Compliant to ADA and EU disability regulations
  • And many more….