Kee Gate Self-Closing Gates


A fully adjustable range of self-closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial environments. Safety gates are ideal for protecting any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, walkways, access to industrial machinery and other restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required. Our gates are spring loaded so will automatically close behind the user.

Spring loaded safety gates are considered the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes when protecting these areas as they automatically close behind a person, overcoming the problem of human error. The safety gate can be “retro-fitted” to existing fixed structures where opening protection is required.

KEE GATE Options

Kee Safety’s self-closing safety gates have been designed to be fully adjustable and can accommodate an opening up to 1m wide for the single gate and 2 x 0.9m for the double gate.

  • The single gate is available 1m wide and it can be easily cut to size on site.
  • The double gate is available 2 x 0.9m wide and it can be easily cut to size on site.
  • The full height gates for ladders are 1m wide and 1.1m high, and include an aluminium toe board
  • All safety gates are available in galvanised steel finish or yellow powder coated.

KEE GATE product range also includes pallet width gates which allow safe working for employees on a mezzanine or raised working surface.

Single Width Gates

The single self closing safety gate is supplied 1 metre wide and is fully adjustable; width can be cut to size on-site. Connecting the gate to the supporting structure is simple – two U-Bolts are used to attach the gate to a variety of uprights or flat surfaces from 33.7 to 48.3mm diameter. The Single Self Closing Safety Gate is compliant to EN 14122-3 : 2016 standard.

Watch the Kee Gate Installation Video and see step by step how to install our self-closing safety gate. Installation instructions are also included in the Kee Gate Single and Double Gates Operation & Maintenance Manual.

Our safety gate mounts easily to existing structures such as Kee Klamp galvanised handrail system and KeeGuard roof edge protection system.

Double Width Gates

Double self closing safety gates are supplied for larger openings greater than 1m wide. The maximum width for double gates is 1.8m. The double gate is compliant to EN 14122-3 : 2016 requirements and does not require any locking mechanism to be used by the operator.

Double safety gates are both self-closing and will form a complaint barrier when a person has passed through the gate. This is achieved by strengthening the attachment and increasing the number of fixings when compare to the single gate option.

The double self-closing safety gate has undergone the same testing regime as the single gate and is available in both galvanised and powder coated options.

Full Height Gates

KEE GATE Full Height Self Closing Safety Gate has been designed to comply with BS 4211: Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders, which requires gates on ladders to offer the same level of protection as EN 14122 compliant guardrail. Standing at 1100mm tall and featuring an aluminium toe board, it provides additional protection to those working at any level.The gate is fully adjustable and can accommodate openings up to 1m.

  • Spring loaded gates to automatically close behind the user
  • Single and double width gates
  • Performance tested for trouble free operation
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Adjustable – width can be cut to size
  • Can be used for external and internal applications
  • Galvanised steel or powder coated in safety yellow colour
  • Can fit different surfaces (round or square)
  • Retro-fits to existing structures
  • Comply with test requirements of EN 13374 Class A and EN 14122-3 and OSHA