Lightweight Rubber Belts


In our modern production facility, we produce more styles and variations of lightweight rubber belting than any other belting manufacturer.

Lightweight conveyor belts in rubber elastomer, EPDM and silicone. Produced and delivered efficiently and effectively.

Ammeraal Beltech utilises a wide variety of raw materials in manufacturing our lightweight rubber belting products.

Specifications range in many thicknesses. We produce both unsupported and fabric inserted materials.

All products described on Airport Suppliers are only a sub-set of the extensive product line-up of Ammeraal Beltech, the widest in the business. Ammeraal Beltech experts can help you find the right belt.

SBR EF 16/2 00+C37 black:

  • Impact resistant and high grip
  • Weather and temperature resistant

Download the datasheet from our website for all specifications.