uni Modular Belts


uni Modular Belts are positive drive, low-noise and long lasting.

Assembled in a bricklay pattern, they can be made to almost any length and width and a wide-range of accessories are available to customise the belt for specific applications or processes.

uni-chains, The Brand for Modular Belts

Discover our wide variety of belts available with varying pitches, openings, surface types, accessories, materials and colours.

  • Advanced polymers improve non-stick characteristics, reduce friction and lower power consumption
  • Metal detectable, flame-retardant, electrical conductive, high temperature resistant
  • Safe conveying for food & non-food items (such as cartons, cans, cars, trucks and even humans!)

All products described on Airport Suppliers are only a sub-set of the extensive product line-up of Ammeraal Beltech, the widest in the business. Ammeraal Beltech experts can help you find the right belt.

uni QNB C:

Standard 1 inch pitch closed belt for reliable conveying in a multitude of industries.

Developed with focus on optimising strength, rigidity and wear life.

  • Unique sprocket engagement reducing pulsation
  • Strong bi-directional belt for long conveyors
  • Chamfered edges provide easy side transfers

uni RTB M2:

Versatile 2 inch pitch Roller Top Belt available with a variety of roller top surfaces.

Flexible and reliable handling solution for conveying products.

  • Numerous options for roller positioning
  • Pinless Snap Link® design enables easy assembling
  • High efficiency with elimination of line stoppages and product damage