LINEMA LP-50 Container Dolly with Fingers


Transport of ULD containers/pallets up to their maximum gross weight of 5000 kg / 11023 lbs in regular operations, and 7000 kg / 15432 lbs in intermittent operations.

Operation mode “End towing – side towing”

The dolly is equipped with combination of stops and guides to be able to transport ULD units up to the base plate size of 2438 x 3175 mm (96″ x 125″).

Stops and guides for small containers are provided optionally.

The dolly has two (male) replaceable fingers on the left hand side to be compatible with (female) docks of a pallet transporter.

Stops in the fingers are automatically operated by the touch of transporter, but can be independently operated by a foot pedal.

Other stops are directly operated by operator.

Modular design enables to reduce maintenance cost thanks to parts unification within other LINEMA products – container dollies.

LINEMA LP-50 Pallet dollies are safe in operation, and meet all IATA AHM requirements.

Weight approx.
1117 kg
Weight capacity
7000 kg
Towing speed
25 km/h
For containers (standard)
LD-4 / LD-8 / LD-6 / LD-11 / LD-7 / LD-26 / LD-29 / LD-36 / LD-39
For containers (optionaly)
2x LD-1 / LD-3
For pallets
2438 x 3175 mm