LINEMA PL-02 Loading Platform


Developed on clients request for handling palletized freight.

Save loading / offloading in raised or lowered positions only.

Height range from 90cm to 190cm.

Hydraulic system powered by a manual hydraulic pump.

Platform equipped with a fold out bridge.

Removable safety rail, safety operation.

Length of platform deck
4000 mm
2200 mm
Height of platform deck from adjustable
900-1900 mm
Fold-out bridge width
1200 mm
Weight approx.
1800 kg
Weight capacity
1200 kg
Hydraulic fluid reservoir
5 l
Towing speed
25 km/h
Type pallets parameters
Euro-pallet (0,8 x 1,2 m),
Industrial pallet (1 x 1,2 m)